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Business Profile: Avera Home Medical Equipment of Marshall

Supplies and service, right to your door

    Complete service, from start to finish. That is what Avera Home Medical Equipment of Marshall can offer. Avera Home Medical has a wide range of rehabilitative supplies including wheelchairs (manual and power), portable ramps, scooters, hospital beds, trapezes, CPMs, walkers, canes, crutches, lift chairs, daily living aids, braces/supports, commodes, stairlifts, porchlifts, breast pumps and supplies, mastecomy forms and bras, phototherapy and more. Avera also offers a full line of respiratory supplies and services. “We have oxygen therapy equipment, suction units, nebulizers, CPAP machines, heated humidity, trach supplies, ventilators and oximetry supplies,” said Nicholas Langland, RRT, and site manager of Avera Medical Equipment of Marshall. Langland says the staff is experienced and can give professional advice and training when it comes to the equipment. “All the staff is trained on how to use every piece of equipment that we have,” he said. “They are trained annually and trained on every new piece of equpment once it comes in.” And if front door service is what you need, that is what you will get. Avera is set up to be mobile in every aspect of their service. “We go into the home, deliver the equipment and show the user  how to run it,” said Langland. “We go through a chec list to make sure the equipment is safe and effective and leave  contact information  if  questions arise.” Avera has a large service area that stretches about an hour in every direction from Marshall. “We go as far north as Highway 212, as far south as Highway 30, and to the east we go to Highway 71,” he said. “Then to the west we reach  all the way to the South Dakota border.” And they are available any time of the day, every day of the year. “We offer 24-hour emergency call service,” said Langland, “This is especially important for respiratory needs. And we also provide service and repair on all the equipment.” Avera Home Medical Equipment is connected with Avera Marshall and the network of Avera hospitals, clinics and home medical facilities throughout Minnesota and South Dakota. “The benefits to being a part of the Avera system is the availability,” said Langland. “We have 16 Avera HME locations in eastern South Dakota and southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa, so if you come into the store and need something but we don’t have it on hand it only takes about two days to get it from a different location so that it is available to you quicker.” According to Deann Holland, community relations director at Avera Marshall, the Avera network also allows them to buy in large quantities which can result in better rates for the customers. “Because of the Avera network we have more purchasing power and that can help keep costs down,” said Holland, “This is also a great way to have so many resources just a phone call away.” One of the trickiest parts of purchasing home medical equipment is insurance. Avera Home Medical Equipment works hard to make this part easier on the customer. “Insurance can be difficult and can be a lengthy process for the customer,” said Holland. “Our staff  communicates with all insurance companies to help  the customer.” “With our focus on service,  we want to make the insurance process painless and easy ,” said Langland. “A person comes in  with  a prescription and insurance information and we do the rest. We call the insurance company and see if the item the  provider orders  is a covered item  with insurance. We will let the customer know if it is or isn’t covered. . We want to make sure the patient  is informed about what is covered by insurance.” Avera, which means “to be well,” is a regional partnership of health professionals established between the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters.  The two organizations joined forces in 2000 as a way to strengthen their ability to serve the people in the region. Avera Home Medical Equipment  Marshall is located at 1104 East College Drive in Marshall. They can be reached by calling (507) 537-7070.

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