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December 2020 Photo Gallery

Good looking leaves, from a late afternoon in early October. Shared by Tony Generous, of St Joseph.
Barbara Baumann watched monarch butterflies gather in wildflowers near Klossner, outside of New Ulm.
The birds in Hitterdal love coneflower seeds so Sue Taylor never cuts them back in the fall. This flower was only eight feet from Sue’s sunroom window making it a great place to watch birds. Picture from the middle of October, the day before the first snow.
You don’t find weird carrots like this in the grocery store. From the Wheaton garden of Marilyn Johnson.
Barred Owl spotted by Gail Kloos, of Donnelly.
Taken in 2009, this is Tate William Anderson when he was 2 year old. With him in the wheat field is his dog Mac. Submitted by Grandma Joyce Anderson, formerly of Lowry, now living in Starbuck.
In Alexandria, Sue Peterson found an interesting tree leaning into Lake Victoria.
According to Luella Peterson, of Miltona, it is worth your time to stop at the Chamberlain, South Dakota rest stop to see this 50-foot high statue, called Dignity.
Karen Blom spotted this rooster pheasant along the road near Long Prairie, in March 2019. As she was photographing him, he jumped on the fence to pose.
Lou Ann Marks was excited to get a photo of the blue moon. Halloween was cloudy, in Alexandria. She had better viewing the next night around 10:30 p.m. and snapped a picture with her phone.
A junco tried to decide if this boot would make a good apartment. Sent in by Faith Anderson of Starbuck.
Sharla Benstson, of Wood Lake, showed us this barn that has seen better days.
From the woods near the high school in Redwood Falls, Victoria Jorgenson shares this bridge path back when fall was in full swing.
Shari Aabye says it is okay to call her cat lady. She has rescued and taken over 200 stray cats to shelters. Shari, her husband of nearly 60 years, Frank, and always a few cats, live next to the Lac qui Parle River, in Dawson.
Sara Palazzari woke up to freshly fallen maple leaves, in Granite Falls, before a snowstorm the next day. It was perfect timing.
Rhonda Giffke caught sight of a coyote walking through a field near Clear Lake, South Dakota.
Gwen Gullickson had a visitor who made lunch of her decorations in Flandreau, South Dakota.
Mary Theede was out talking with her friends, Judy and Dennis, when this giant swallowtail butterfly landed on the strawberry plants. Mary is 84 and had never seen a butterfly like this one.
Austin Peterson, age 8, found a nice sunset at the truck stop in Clara City.
It is a rare occasion for Tony Wenzel, of Randall, to see a red-headed woodpecker. The old, dead trees these birds inhabit are often cut down.
In Cushing, the contrast of leaves on a maple tree, against the white of everything else white, caught the attention of Terri Sanoski.
DeVonne Koppenberg thinks it is neat how the colors were so very different in each tree near her home in St. Cloud.
Kristie Flachmeyer admired the nice rack on this buck at the Gopher Wildlife Sanctuary, near the Crow River, in Hutchinson.
Scooby & Morgie, favorite grandpups of Judy Van Heel, from Avon.
On her trip up to Grand Marais, Janell Wink, of Brainerd, found some of nature at its best.
Myrtle Kelch watched these two deer wander into the yard and eat bird feed while she was visiting her friend, Margaret Huhn, near Lake Manuella, southeast of Litchfield.
Icicles and snowdrifts are already making buildings look wintery in Sauk Rapids. Photo by Arnie Borchert.
Reflected golden halo from an autumn sunset over Long Lake, south of Grove City. Photo by Karen Urdahl.
Robin enjoying a berry from a hawthorn tree. Shared by Al Batt of Hartland.
Marilyn Sandquist enjoyed this fall sunset on Lake Francis, in Elysian, near Mankato.
A fresh round bale was spit out of this baler near St. Peter. Shared by Brenda Kotasek.

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