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Evening shadows

Oh, for the excitement of children, with their giggling voices of adventure, as they enjoyed this place only a few years ago. There were parties, picnics, and never a thought for bedtime. These evening shadows like the waves come and go, as if making preparation while nature works a synchronized change.

As darkness deepens, there comes a damp chill off the lake. With the coolness comes a scent of sweet apple, awakening the mind to appreciate joys of taste and flavor.

Before going into the cottage for the night, one needs to protect the deck from unwanted predators, strong winds, or even a storm, by turning over some chairs or pushing things up to walls. With a quick look over the dark water, I see lights flickering along the shore, sending beams from other cottages that let us know we are not alone. The warmth of the cottage welcomes as the many gifts of memories unfold around me like a comforter, a prayer and praise ascend the evening shadows.

#DarkWater #EveningShadows

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