February 2021 Photo Gallery

Marian Grossman found a white admiral butterfly with part of a rear wing missing, in Sauk Centre.
Excuse me, but the bird feeders are empty. It has been fun for Theresa Grangruth watching the birds and other wildlife come through Menahga, especially the past year.
Gary Osberg enjoyed the view over Lake Amelia near Glenwood last July.
Many frosty trees. Taken outside of Nicollet, by Sue Peterson, of Alexandria.
Fall was colorful for Ron Shann in Long Prairie.
A view of Lake Brophy one frosty morning. Sent in by Shirley Saathoff.
In late November, near Carlos, Karen Blom spotted an owl looking for some supper. Karen thought it was a short-eared owl and her husband, Dave, thought it was a great gray owl. They sent pictures to their nephew an ornithologist at the University of Iowa who solved the case. It was an immature female snowy owl.
Last month’s rime ice in Ivanhoe intrigued Ronald Cram.
Winter scene with woodpecker and blue jays, near Parkers Prairie. Shared by Carol Hellerman.
Sharon Hagford calls this the year of the hoarfrost. She took this picture of the park in Sacred Heart to remember the beautiful winter.
South of Starbuck, on December 8. Fog in the morning—clouds cleared away, sun came out, and Dave Tollefson could not resist shooting a picture with his cell phone.
Jeanne Malecha shared her winter lawn ornaments, lots of wild turkeys, near Redwood Falls.
Students and parents enjoyed seeing Cheryl Marklowitz dressed as an elf, with bus driver Dawn Marinaro as Mrs. Claus, as they had fun delivering packaged lunches for St. Cloud distant learning students in December. Shared by Cheryl’s mother, DeVonne Koppenberg.
Rebecca Deming watched a golden eagle go through the fly-thru, swooping in to pick at some food on the side of the road, near Franklin.
Shiver of snow sharks found stalking driveways, by Jan Beyerl, near Clara City.
Carolyn Enstad had a snow covered wreath and a winter wonderland in Walnut Grove.
Three sisters each proudly showing off an ear of corn from their dad’s field north of Olivia, the Corn Capital of the World. Shared by Dianne Zenk.
Michael French caught a flock of turkeys crossing a back road near Zimmerman.
Mary Ann Thalmann enjoyed a frosty Minnesota morning in McLeod County.
Arnie Borchert and many other officers donated a day’s pay toward the Chapel fund before it was built in 1970. Arnie gave tours of Camp Ripley and the chapel during the mid-70s and into the 80s, and his granddaughter was married there recently.
On January 2 these outdoor decorations were covered in hoarfrost. Shared by Amanda Schulte, of Avon.
Glorious sunset seen by Karen Urdahl, at her Grove City yard in December. Even a sliver of lake was visible between the trees.
The exquisite intricacy of frost in Meeker County. Photo by Rosie Hartwig-Benson, of Litchfield.
You never know what you will find doing field work. Sandy Julian’s grandson, Andy Lueck, came upon a rock while tiling a field west of Hutchinson. Andy found that this monster was 31,340 pounds, after loading it on a semi and having it weighed at the elevator in Hutch.

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