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Finding the right health care plan

Legacy Benefits Consultants offer health care options from multiple carriers

Legacy Benefits Consultant CEO Tim Jopp, right, speaks with a customer in his office about the various health care options at his new office in Waconia. Photo by Scott Thoma

Founded 15 years ago by Tim Jopp, Legacy Benefits Consultants, of Waconia, offers its clients several options instead of being tied solely to one health insurance company.

“Being a multiple insurance agency, we give clients more than just one choice,” Jopp explained. “If an insurance company raises their premium, for example, they don’t have to stay with that company. I will look for another option for them until they are satisfied.”

Legacy Benefits Consultants also focuses on assisting senior citizens in preserving the assets they currently have.

“We will find them the right insurance company so they don’t lose everything and have nothing to pass on,” said Jopp, who offers free consultations. “That’s very important to me. Some insurance companies try to convince you to stay. I tell the clients ‘Let’s go to another insurance company’ that fits your changing needs.”

Tim Jopp sets up a consultation with a customer. Photo by Scott Thoma

Before choosing a particular plan, Legacy Benefits Consultants wants to make certain that the customer understands the various options, such as how Medicare supplements and Medicare advantage plans differ.

“Many people sign up for advantage plans, thinking they are Medicare supplements, and they are not,” said Jopp. “Because plans vary even from county to county, I can help you choose the one that best suits your needs.”

Jopp primarily works with people 65 years of age or older for Medicare, and individuals and company sizes from 2 to 50 for health insurance.

Jopp has been in the business since 1995 when he worked for a small company. He then started Legacy Benefits Consultants in 2002 and is now the chief executive officer (CEO) of a business that focuses mainly on health insurance. They offer a broad selection of health insurance plans from a variety of reputable companies.

Legacy Benefits Consultants is a completely independent insurance agency that also specializes in life insurance, Medicare, employee benefits and individual health insurance.

Medicare is a federal system of health insurance created for people over 65 and for certain younger people with disabilities. Legacy Benefits Consultants provides a variety of options for Medicare coverage.

“Our wide range of plans means that we can find one for you that is both specific to your needs and affordable for your budget,” Jopp said.

Legacy Benefits Consultants has clients located all across Minnesota, giving the agency a better feel for the financial landscape.

Jopp designs plans with a focus on risk management, low costs, and tax-efficiency, which he combines with personalized financial advice aimed at helping clients make better informed decisions.

And his customers appreciate his dedication and services.

“Tim has been a wonderful resource for me and members of my family, as well as our BNI (Business Network International) group,” said Tony Austad of Fitness First of MN, Inc. “I am all about results, and Tim did a great job meeting my health insurance needs while saving us money.”

The staff at Legacy Benefits Consultants, includes (L to R) Connie Kusler, Tim Jopp and Sue Deegan. Photo by Scott Thoma

At no additional cost to the customer, Jopp will find them the company that fits their needs, rather than trying to find the best option yourself.

“If the company they work for doesn’t offer health insurance, or if you are self-employed and need health insurance, people get stressed out looking for insurance,” said Jopp. “I have the experience and service is free.”

Jopp is paid through the insurance companies rather than the customers he works for. His commission is built into the premium, so there is no additional cost to the customer for his service.

If a person needs a certain type of health insurance and has to do all the paperwork on their own, they might end up without the best possible deal. If they find a policy for $500, for example, that same policy would cost the same amount if they hired Jopp to find the right insurance for them. Or, he might be able to locate an even better insurance premium and save the customer money.

“This way, they don’t have to take the time reading through all the different policies,” he said. “I do that for them. And, like I said, it won’t cost them any more than if they did the work themselves.”

And his customers feel more comfortable having someone experienced doing the work for them at no additional fee.

“Tim took away the headaches involved with my health insurance policy changes and made sure I was set up with the policy that fit me the best,” said Austad. “I highly recommend meeting with Tim for any health insurance questions or need you may have.”

Jopp said he doesn’t use gimmicks like some insurance companies do to entice an individual or group.

“I’m a meat and potatoes guy,” he remarked. “”If you’re looking for splash and pizazz, I’m not your guy. If you want someone who will work hard for you, then I’m your guy.”

When speaking to Jopp, customers say that the sincerity in his voice is apparent.

“Tim knows his stuff and is genuinely interested in helping people,” said Danielle Alexander Bailey. “He actually takes the time to explain the industry and policies so you understand what you are purchasing. You know you are getting the best possible coverage with Tim. His positivity is contagious, and I would absolutely recommend his services.”

“Tim and Legacy Benefits Consultants found the right medical and dental insurance for our needs,” said Michael Larkin of Larkin Electric, Inc. “He was very helpful and easy to work with.”

Jopp explained that his customers are important to him. If they rely on him, he wants to reward their confidence by doing the best job he can so he doesn’t let them down.

“This is all I do,” he noted. “I really do care about people. I know times are tough, so I want to find the most bang for your buck.”

Legacy Benefits Consultants recently made the move to a new location in Waconia. They are now located at 641 Markey Place Drive, Suite 5.

For more information about the various policies or to set up a free consultation, call Legacy Benefits Consultants at 952-922-5677, email, visit their website at, or check them out on Facebook.

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