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Funds sought for new memorial in Elbow Lake

The Grant County Veterans’ Memorial Support Organization is asking for help in an effort to honor loved ones who served in the armed forces. The organization is in the middle of a fund raising drive to build a memorial on the front lawn of the Grant County Courthouse in Elbow Lake, that will recognize the various veteran memorials in each community in Grant County, and the 60 young men from the county who were killed in action during WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf Wars. The Grant County Veterans’ Memorial will be made up of a black granite memorial with ceramic pictures of the various town memorials, along with two smaller black granite memorials with the names of those killed in action. These memorials will sit on brick pavers that are etched with the names of the men and women, from the Grant County area who have served in the armed forces in any capacity. You can purchase one of these 4×8 inch pavers for $100, or a larger 8×8 inch paver for $150. The name of your loved one, rank, and the logo of the military branch he or she served in will be etched onto the surface. The memorial and fundraising drive are being spearheaded by Clint Grove, of Elbow Lake, and a board of directors that includes: Stuart Anderson, Elbow Lake; Bob Shervey, Darrell Frykman, and Jeff Lang, Barrett; Roy Randall, and Wes Moir, Wendell;  Mark Bratvold, Ashby; and Bryon Gilbertson, Herman, Hoffman and Norcross area. “We have sold over 250 bricks so far,” said Grove. Grove said that research shows over 600 men and women from Grant County have served in the armed forces, and he would like nothing better than to see all of them recognized. “We really want to have a brick for everyone who wants one, because once the memorial is completed it is difficult to add bricks.” Grove said it is even more important to have a complete list of all the soldiers who have been killed in action. He hopes that anyone who has a loved one who was KIA, call him or another board member to see if their name is included. The Grant County Commissioners have given tentative approval to build the memorial on the front lawn of the courthouse, as long as the group has the funds to get the job done. Grove said they figure the completed memorial will cost around $50,000. “We have over $40,000 now,” said Stuart Anderson. Grove said he figures the memorial construction will be able to begin this spring with a dedication, tentatively planned for Flekkefest weekend, 2012. “This is something for all the people of the county, to honor all who have served. The memorial will be in a very visible place, and it adds to the meaning of the courthouse, that that piece of real estate was paid for by the blood of the 60 men killed in action,” said Grove. If you want more information on the Grant County Veterans’ Memorial, are interested in purchasing a brick, making a donation, or have a loved one or relative who was killed in action, call one of these board members: Clint Grove, 218-685-5230, or Stuart Anderson, 218-685-4908; Mark Bratvold, 218-747-2841; Bob Shervey, 218-685-4309; Bryon Gilbertson, 320-677-2216; Roy Randall, 218-458-2192, or Wes Moir, 218-731-2190.

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