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January 2022 Photo Gallery

People from Texas always think they are a big deal, still talking about their ice storm last February. At least we know Sue Taylor spends half her time in Hitterdal, and is a true Minnesotan, so we can trust she didn’t fake this frozen cactus picture in Kingsland, Texas, to embellish the storm story.

Steven Steuck wanted to share this neat old decorated bicycle he found outside a cafe in Detroit Lakes.

A colorful group of lilies in Wood Lake. Photo by Sharla Bengtson.

On his way to Alaska, in June 2008, Dennis Kulas stopped at the international peace garden in North Dakota. I waited until the sun was just right to capture this photo of the Peace Garden Towers. The towers were torn down a few years ago due to structural damage.

Mr. Squirrel doesn’t mind sharing his feeder, as long as Mr. Woodpecker knows his place. From Mary Ann Harder’s backyard feeder in Le Sueur.

Sunrise over Steamboat Lake, north of Walker. Photo submitted by Fred Soucie of Laporte.

Teddy the cat isn’t quite ready to get out of Jeff and JoEllen Stave’s sink, in Brainerd.

Sundogs appeared during early December, for Sue Peterson in Alexandria.

Papa loon feeding junior a minnow on Stalker Lake, in Otter Tail County, last June. Sent to us by Jerry Begley.

Kat Becker of Tintah has a blooming Christmas cactus that is 25 years old.

In August, Jan Lembeck watched rock climbers at Taylor Falls.

Geese were congregating on the ice at Harstad Slough, in Donnelly. Shared by Gail Kloos.

Carolyn Enstad usually doesn’t mind company in Walnut Grove, but some days you need to bring a snow shovel if you really want to visit.

Terri Sanoski of Cushing, also spends time in Mesa, where a lady in her community turned 106. There was a parade, firetruck, and a flyover to celebrate.

DeVonne Koppenberg thinks trains, like this one she found in Waite Park, are neat and interesting to watch.

The Blue Earth-Nicollet County Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in Mankato, looks great even at night. Photo sent in by Tom McLaughlin.

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