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January 2023 Photo Gallery

Megan Anderson’s pal, Miss Daisy, got her close-up picture for the day in Fergus Falls.

At her winter spot in Texas, Sue Taylor, of Hitterdal, sat in the sunshine by the Llano river and look who she found also enjoying the water and sunshine.

Carolyn Enstad, of Walnut Grove, wanted to share some winter beauty with these snow laden branches.

Gail Kloos had a cardinal visitor land on her pine trees in Donnelly.

Near Lismore in October, Ken Rupp, of Granite Falls, couldn’t resist getting a photo of the fall air, baled cornstalks, and the windmills in the background. He calls it “A Fall Landscape in Minnesota.”

At her grandparents farm near Lake Lillian, Kendall captured a picture of her pug playing in the leaves at sunset. Shared by Brad Schmoll.

One of the highlights of her New York City trip was the amazing Tower 1. Sent in by Terri Sanoski, of Cushing.

According to Joe Lang in Avon, and most people, snow is pretty to look at, but not much fun to shovel.

At the end of November in her yard near St. Peter, Brenda Kotasek watched a bunch of birds enjoying her decorated feeders.

Terri Michels shares a beautiful oak in it’s fall frock, from Mankato.

Beautiful sky over St. Michael, from December 6, was sent in by DeVonne Koppenberg.

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