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July 2021 Photo Gallery

Flag Day in Fergus Falls is a sight to behold. Shared by Gail Kloos.

A caterpillar found enjoying its life in Catherine Craddock’s Mankato garden.

Near Avoca, Lucille Magnus grows over 100 fernleaf peonies at her home. She says the blooms last about a week.

Rochelle Shann caught her tired and yawning cat, napping under the hostas, in Long Prairie.

While fishing in the late evening on Little Birch Lake, Debbie Wessel watched a pair of loon chicks, on their pontoon, cruise by while enjoying a late evening sunset. Photo sent in by her son Anthony Wessel.

Marilyn Johnson, of Wheaton, shared a photo of some odd-looking peaches.

Spring rainbow on North Tower Road in Fergus Falls. Shared by Megan Anderson.

Adult trumpeter swans kept a wary eye on Karen Blom who was taking their picture while keeping their 4 cygnets close by.

About a month ago in southwest Iowa, Kirsta Siems, of Alexandria, found nature’s roadblock in the middle of a rural intersection.

Donna Erickson has cactus doing well outside after overwintering, near Evansville.

Susan Risk and her husband drive semi trucks all over the state. Her husband’s truck was in front of her as she saw these storm clouds rolling through as they were on their way north, near Compton.

This oriole was tapping on Robert Bies’ family room window in Rockford, after a rain storm early this spring.

DeVonne Koppenberg was on Division Street in St. Cloud about 6:30 p.m. on June 9, just before this downpour of much needed rain.

Peonies were blooming in Carolyn Enstad’s summer flower garden, from Walnut Grove.

Dale Dietel, of Waconia, was near Sarasota Florida in December when the osprey were nest building and were not bothered by people walking close by.

While picking apples with her grandparents last autumn, Anja Wuolu, of St. Joseph, was greeted by a friendly stray she called Apple Cat, because the cat loved to lay next to the apples.

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