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June 2024 Photo Gallery

It is not often you see such a lilac colored evening! Paired with the calming lake view, you can’t go wrong. Submitted by Teresa Holwerda of Buffalo Lake.

Atlas the dog is doing an amazing job driving the Sebeka school bus in Menahga (with Pat and Ross Beaumont).

What a soft, serene golden morning in Morgan, photographed by Mary Lohaus.

Some beautiful white apple blossoms photographed by Carolyn Enstad of Walnut Grove.

Lucy-Dog is seen posing and flashing her pearly whites for the camera. Sent in by DeVonne Koppenberg of Rockford.

A wild gaggle of turkeys were spotted outside of the home of Sue Taylor of Hitterdal one morning!

Some of spring’s most beautiful flowers are tulips just like this one! Captured by Ron Cram of Canby.

Kevin Gerdes and Don Lee get the garden ready at “A Place to Belong” in Fergus Falls, photo taken by Megan Anderson.

Sue Peterson of Alexandria spotted some new friends sunbathing in a pond right outside of her home!

What’s better than a sink full of kittens? These rascals were photographed by Jeff Stave of Brainerd.

Waneta Truesdell of Alexandria catches this blue bird enjoying a bath right outside of her window one afternoon.

There’s always some sunshine after the rain, but this time they came at the same time! This picture-perfect rainbow was submitted by Muriel Coulter of Tracy.

This Oriole sits on one of Stacy Peterson’s bird feeders in Sacred Heart, enjoying the rest of an orange that was left out just for him!

Upon first glance, you may think to call this little lady a chipmunk! After a closer look, we identified her as a black banded squirrel enjoying an evening snack. Photo submitted by Doug Bengtson of Wood Lake.

Rackley turned four on May 20 and is pictured here after a successful hunt with his owners, Jeff Pooler and Kallyssa Klatt of Marshall. Submitted by Karen Klatt (a proud grandma to her grandpup)

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace from Vergas visited Duluth this spring and captured this wonderful image of the Aerial Lift Bridge.

A large, lofty eagles nest sits atop a tall tree, nestled in the woods. Photo taken by Charlie Ruckheim in Parkers Prairie.

These beautiful purple orchids were captured in their spring glory by Kristie Flachmeyer of Litchfield.

This inspiring indigo sunset was captured by Jim Arvidson’s granddaughter Emma Arvidson, a 5th generation resident at their family farm in Parkers Prairie.

White pelicans are seen here floating in a pond enjoying the spring season. Sent in by Al Batt of Hartland.

There’s nothing like early summer sunsets, especially sunsets like this one photographed by Grace Picka of New Prague.

Gail Kloos photographed how the woodpeckers have been eating away at this poor tree found on her property in Donnelly.

The sun shines bright on the St. James Church in Randall. Sent in by Ben Zilka from St. Cloud.

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