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Learning how to eat, live healthy

‘It is the best thing I have done for myself’

If you added up all the pounds that have been shed by clients of the Lifetime Fat Loss Centers of Hutchinson since it opened 18 months ago, it would nearly rival the combined weight of the entire Minnesota Vikings football team.

The HealthSource/LFLC team includes (L to R) Rachel Smith, Dr. Adam Fink and Jill Borg. Contributed photo

The HealthSource/LFLC team includes (L to R) Rachel Smith, Dr. Adam Fink and Jill Borg. Contributed photo

“The total weight lost here is close to 11,000 pounds now,” said Dr. Adam Fink, owner and operator of HealthSource of Hutchinson, a combined chiropractic and weight loss clinic. “That’s really rewarding for all of us here.”

Dr. Fink is a certified chiropractic physician who has owned the HealthSource Chiropractic and Rehab clinic since 2008 in the Hutchinson Mall on Highway 15 South. Rachel Smith and Jill Borg are advocates for the Lifetime Fat Loss Centers of Hutchinson.

“A couple of years ago I learned about the Lifetime Fat Loss Centers program from a friend and colleague when I was on a hunting trip,” said Dr. Fink. “Using the program myself, I’ve lost 55 pounds. So we decided to make it part of HealthSource.”

Fink feels a large percentage of people suffering from back injuries are overweight.


Dr. Adam Fink works on the back of a chiropractic patient at his office in Hutchinson. Photo by Scott Thoma

“Being overweight contributes to lower back pain,” he said. “It works well for me as a chiropractor to also have a weight loss clinic because the two go hand in hand. Having both weight loss and chiropractic in our office has allowed us to help more people to take back control of their health.”

And seeing is believing when viewing the many before-and-after photos of the hundreds of LFLC clients.

“I decided to start LFLC because I wanted to get healthy and lose weight so I can live longer to be around for my husband, children, and grandchildren,” said Dori B., of Hutchinson, a client who has now lost 75 pounds. “I feel amazing. I have learned a lot about portion control and eating the right fruits, veggies and protein.

Most clients have tried an assortment of diets in an attempt to trim off excess pounds. Because they don’t understand the correct way to lose weight, they often end up frustrated and gain even more weight. Or they may lose their desired amount of weight, but then fall back into old habits and the weight quickly returns.

Clients of LFLC not only can see the results when they step on a scale or try on their clothes, more importantly, they can feel the results.

“For many years I tried different weight-loss programs. I would lose the weight but gained it all back. I was never taught how to cook healthy meals or how to eat in a healthier manner. Since starting LFLC six months ago, I am down over 80 pounds,” said Lori R., an LFLC of Hutchinson client.

Dr. Fink, pointing to a water cooler to emphasize a point, remarked about the number of prescription medicines that his clients have been able to eliminate from their daily life since losing weight through the Lifetime Fat Loss Centers program.

“I could fill that jug many times with all the pills for things like diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure that they don’t need to take anymore,” Fink said proudly.

After indulging in all the sweet treats, breads and other foods that tend to add unwanted pounds over the holidays, Dr. Fink said this is a good time to check out Lifetime Fat Loss Centers.

“People tend to put on additional weight over the holidays,” he said. “So it’s a good time to learn how to eat healthy and sensibly.”

LFLC offers four key components in its program.

• Support and daily accountability, including periodic checkups and analysis

• Meal planning

• Genetic testing

• Nutritional formulas or supplements

“Some people can be successful on their own, but support on a daily basis is crucial to long-term success,” stressed Dr. Fink. “That can be by them coming into the office for analysis, talking to us over the phone, text messages or emails. Having that daily contact keeps them motivated and on track.”

There are approximately 108 million people on various diets in the United States, according to the National Weight Control registry. They also have concluded that each dieter makes four to five unsuccessful attempts to lose weight each year.

“I have tried numerous diets, but none taught me portion control and the right foods to eat,” said Dori B. “The staff at LFLC is awesome and very supportive. I like that we have to send our weight in because it holds us accountable. I am proud I have increased my exercising, I feel so good and a lot less tired.”

Obesity is a major problem in the United States and increases the risk for diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, various types of cancer, and stroke.

Lifetime Fat Loss Centers of Hutchinson, which has clients from a 50-mile radius, utilizes genetic testing to determine the right plan for each client. According to a Stanford University clinical study, it was determined that those people that were on a meal plan specific to their DNA testing lost 2.5 times more weight than those not on an individualized meal plan.

The before-and-after photos of Lori R. (top), Dori B. (right), and Louise T (bottom). Each is a client at Lifetime Fat Loss Centers in Hutchinson.

The before-and-after photos of Lori R. (top), Dori B. (right), and Louise T (bottom). Each is a client at Lifetime Fat Loss Centers in Hutchinson.

“DNA testing really helps determine what a certain person should or should not eat,” said Fink. “And no two people are the same. And when they are on a plan, they learn how to eat healthy for the rest of their life so it’s easier to keep the weight off that they have lost.”

Lori R. said learning how to cook in a healthier way has been paramount to her weight loss and improved health.

“I feel better about myself, I have started to exercise on a daily basis, and overall have more energy. The staff is always available to answer questions and is very supportive. I would tell everyone that is looking at a lifestyle change to contact LFLC. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself,” she concluded.

And Louise T., another LFLC of Hutchinson client, has lost 80 pounds in eight months by being educated on the importance of proper food choices and portion control.

“Fighting weight gain has always been a part of my life. I felt like this program was right for me because it didn’t just focus on exercise and calories. After losing the weight, I feel great. I have had such great success that my husband is now going to join me,” said Louise.

A female on the LFLC program loses 20 to 30 pounds on average in six weeks, Dr. Fink noted. And a male loses 30 to 40 pounds on average.

“Our program is for everyone. We have a lot of 70 and 80 year olds in our program, too,” he said. “We want people to enjoy their lives by feeling good about themselves.”

For more information, call LFLC of Hutchinson at 320-234-3584 or visit

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