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March 2021 Photo Gallery

Birds at David and Karen Ruehling’s feeder, outside their window in Gaylord, were hesitant to get close without masks on.

Roger Goettsch of Moorhead sent in this picture of an old car found in Lake Park. Needs a little TLC but solid condition otherwise.

Winter at Pomme de Terre Falls, in Morris. Photo by Gail Kloos.

Not a common sight in Minnesota, this gaudy sphinx moth was found by Rose Wilcox in a pot of geraniums at her home in Alexandria.

The cold sunrise put on quite a show for Randy Humbert, of Evansville.

Iceboat racers took a break for a bite to eat, parking near a restaurant, on West Battle Lake. Shared by Ken Bosak.

Don’t worry. Even though the woods looked like it was on fire at Gene Imdieke’s farm, near Meire Grove, one November morning last year, it was only the sunrise.

Arden Sandberg, from Butterfield, is 78 years old, enjoys photography, and caught a picture of this cardinal from a kitchen window on a cold winter day.

January presented a frosty morning view to Michael Sanoski in Monticello.

A blue jay takes one last peanut for the day. Shared by Diann Hirman, of Sauk Centre.

In early January, Debbie Wessel unexpectedly came upon this adult bald eagle enjoying a morning meal of venison, in a ditch south of Long Prairie.

It was a still morning and 25 below, north of Norcross, when Dwight Veldhouse was out doing chores and looked up to enjoy a view of the moon for a moment.

Sunrise on a minimum maintenance road, near the beautiful small town of Lynd. Captured by Matt Mellenthin on a cold November morning.

Kim Scott’s 11-year-old grandson stood under an uprooted tree on the Crow River, near Paynesville, during a snowshoe expedition.

On his grandparent’s farm, south of Glencoe, Dain Dahlke sighted a bright halo around the sun.

In December, Dr. Arnie Jostock’s children prepared for their Dad’s celebration of life on the Dawson-Boyd football field. Photo shared by Bonnie Jostock.

Early January delivered many beautiful frosty mornings, including this one from Lake Lillian. Photo shared by Alice Schwarzrock.

Business was a little slow in February. Photo taken by DeVonne Koppenberg, in St. Cloud.

In New Ulm, years ago, John Pfeiffer watched a grocery cart blow through a parking lot while he photographed a storm’s afterglow.

Kathleen Wuertz, of St. Cloud, reports that her sister’s grandkids are very happy with their Christmas present who they named Sunny.

Spring must be on the horizon, because Rosie Hartwig-Benson had a rare sighting of a yellow-rumped warbler in her Litchfield yard.

Swan Lake Lutheran Church on The Fort Road, County Road 5, about 6 miles east of Klossner, in Nicollet County.

Christmas Eve came with a flock of visitors in Maple Lake. Darla Schermer was always told that cardinals are loved ones that have passed. There were six cardinals in a bush at one time.

A big Frosty, decked out in top hat and scarf, with a traffic cone nose, was out enjoying the cold weather in Buffalo. Shared by Kristie Flachmeyer.

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