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March 2022 Photo Gallery

Beckett Fader enjoying the paper, and a cup of coffee (or at least next to a cup of coffee), on his first visit to a cafe, in Willmar. Photo, by his uncle Alex, was sent in by grandma Annette.

Independence (on the left) and Patches (mother of Independence), were watching as Sheila Brunner, and her dad Hilary, got the Percheron horses out to go for a sleigh ride that day. Hilary Brunner lives north of Belgrade and has had work horses since 1997.

A downy visitor showed up in Sue Peterson’s backyard, in Alexandria in mid-February.

Beautiful winter sunrise, in Donnelly. Shared by Gail Kloos.

This winter was a wonderland, with snow artfully dusting Rosie Athmann’s decorated tree, in Melrose.

Rita DeGroat shared this picture of herself dressed as Mrs. Claus, for her Christmas party in Detroit Lakes.

A female cardinal that Darla Schermer saw playing in the bushes last winter, in Maple Lake.

From a lake near Parkers Prairie, Charlie Ruckheim shares the scenic beauty.

This eagle was just cruising through the neighborhood in Brainerd. Photo by Jeff Stave.

Mother deer licking and washing her baby, taken near Vonnie Christensen’s driveway in Elk River. She enjoys taking lots of deer pictures and had never seen this before.

Randy Humbert, of Evansville, found these moon dogs over Thompson, North Dakota, during the full moon in February.

Cali-Ester (kitty) spent some time helping Megan Anderson write letters to penpals, in Fergus Falls, this winter.

Winter over the Rocky Mountains. Photo taken by Carolyn Enstad, of Walnut Grove.

Sculpture Park in Vining, with around 40 sculptures made of scrap metal by Ken Nyberg. Photo taken by DeVonne Koppenberg, of St. Cloud, who had fun visiting the large sculptures in September.

Here we see James Thomas (JT), age 9, enjoying the glow festival on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Photo by Thomas Erickson, of Fergus Falls.

When Terri Sanoski, of Fish Trap Lake, was in Alaska, she saw this moose alongside of the road. The heat was affecting him and he was very docile.

Bashful parrot photographed by David Langfield, of Big Lake, when he was down in Brownsville, Texas.

The color of these pin oak leaves was deep red when Colleen Woods, of Cold Spring, captured this shot.

This cow looks mighty stylish with its shaggy coat and matching head ornamentation. Taken on a Wisconsin farm by Arnie Borchert, of Sauk Rapids.

Larry Kiewel built a new bird feeding station, with a tray on top, to attract some larger birds in St. Peter. It was successful.

A colorful pheasant called to Al Batt, in Hartland.

King Isbit’s ice palace was lit up in full color for the 150th celebration for the City of Detroit Lakes, when Kristie Flachmeyer, of Litchfield, visited in February.

Jodi Prchal, from Montgomery, wanted to share this cardboard tractor made by her son for his college art class at South Dakota State University. The tractor was modeled after his great grandparent’s tractor and includes LED lighting.

Brenda Kotasek enjoys the sights near LeSuer, like this small country church.

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