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May 2021 Photo Gallery

Three-year-old Willow was wondering about this hibiscus last year. Shared her grandparents, Greg and Jan Nolting, of Marshall.

Viper, Gail Kloos’ black cat, is about as patriotic as a cat can be.

From 1969 or 70 when Bruce Ahlschlager was a gunner in Vietnam. He saved and protected many, and was given a Bronze Star of Valor for his bravery defending our country. Shared by Sue Peterson, of Alexandria.

A look at flags in the yard, from December, when Theresa Grangruth thought how long the winter might be.

Strange sunset on May 23, 2019. Sent in by Randy Humbert, of Evansville.

Robert Bies, in Rockford, has already been getting some fun spring photos like this little guy who was hiding on a lilac branch.

After missing several holidays in the last year, DeVonne Koppenberg celebrated with some family and a three holiday tree, representing Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Hawk inspects the bike trail near Lake Shetek State Park. Photo by Dennis Sulflow, of Clara City.

Near Sibley State Park, where Dianne Robison lives, the downy woodpeckers are so familiar with her that they seem to enjoy sitting on her hand. She pets and talks with them. Sometimes the birds stay for an hour before Dianne encourages them to fly off to the trees.

White robin found in Arnie Borchert’s back yard when he lived in Wisconsin.

Kendall took the picture of her new pet at her grandparents’ farm in Lake Lillian. Shared by Brad Schmoll.

Brenda Kotasek, of St. Peter/Le Sueur, found a pair of eagles on the lookout at Buck’s Lake.

Kristie Flachmeyer, of Litchfield, visited a veteran’s memorial back in January.

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