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May 2022 Photo Gallery

When Bert and Ernie, Joyce Anderson’s bottle lambs, would run loose around the farm near Starbuck, they would also eat the dog food.

Resting on a muskrat hut at Crex Meadow in Grantsburg, Wisconsin, one of a migrating pair of eagles was eyeing up Karen Blom as she took pictures.

Red Jacket trail in the spring, in Mankato, courtesy of Sue Peterson.

The American flag peacefully flew over a Minnesota lake as Jone Anderson watched the sunset last fall.

Linda Sander, of Gary, South Dakota, found a paper wasp nest hiding in the leaves of her mom’s tree in Wisconsin.

Gail Kloos shared winter sunrise in Donnelly with us.

Look what wonderful clouds Mary Hanson found in Willmar, during the summer of 2020.

On a 20 below day in Fargo, North Dakota, Eloise Hanley’s son captured these sun dog.s

While vacationing in Yellowstone Park, Dain Dahlke crossed paths with a black bear and its shadow.

Minnesota is full of woodsy deck scenes like this one from Linda Urbik, of St. Cloud.

Seberger Park Polar Bear Pool, St. Cloud, is ready for summer. Photo by DeVonne Koppenberg.

Kite flying on Buffalo Lake, was exciting viewing for Kristie Flachmeyer this winter.

Quite the disagreement erupted between these trumpeter swans as Al Batt, of Hartland, listened to their bugling from shore.

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