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May 2024 Photo Gallery

Culinary Specialist 1st Class John Estes, a native of Alexandria, Minn., shares a smile with his son after the ship pulled into port upon return from deployment after a four-month deployment to the Western Pacific. Thank you John Estes, as well as all who serve or have served this country. Photo courtesy of Megan Brown, Navy Office Community Outreach.

This majestic eagle was photographed by Stacy Moe from Vergas, Minn., as it flew overhead on a cloudy winter day.

DeVonne Koppenberg of Rockford took this photo at the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum. This G9 is one of many aircrafts seen at the museum. This one was in the process of being restored.

Oh deer! Looks like Sue Peterson made a new friend at her place in Alexandria!

This stunning image of a bald eagle on a branch taken by All Batt from Hartland captures the symbol of America in all of its glory.

This vibrant sunset was captured by Tony Generous in Sherburne County while the snow was still on the ground!

A group of eagles enjoyed an afternoon of scooting around on a frozen lake. Photo courtesy of Sharla and Doug Bengtson from Wood Lake.

Lori Ostrowski from Brainerd captured this mammoth pine tree standing among the graves of our fallen soldiers at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

This ruffian raccoon enjoyed his morning on his branch at the zoo, captured by Kristie Flachmeyer of Litchfield.

Two impressive birds of prey caught on a game camera fighting over their dinner, with America’s eagle courageously defending her prize! Photo taken by Tom Boser of Milaca.

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