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Medicare on your mind?

BUSINESS PROFILE: Breitenfeldt Group

Breitenfeldt Group helps educate, enroll seniors in Medicare... at no cost


If you are nearing the age of 65, or already on Medicare, you’re probably being bombarded with advertisements on the radio & TV, and your mailbox is filling up with Medicare flyers & sales materials. Most of these ads are intended to steer you toward a company’s health insurance products, whether it is the right plan for you or not. How do you know who to trust? How do you know where to start?

Breitenfeldt Group has been helping people navigate their way through the Medicare program for over 25 years.

“We have more companies offering plans in Minnesota than ever before,” said Dennis Breitenfeldt, founder of Breitenfeldt Group. “Each of these companies has multiple Medicare products, adding up to 200+ plan options to choose from. This makes it impossible to properly shop without an expert.”

Breitenfeldt continued, “These plans can vary greatly in price, benefits, and networks… adding to all the confusion is the constant TV, radio, and newspaper advertising that is going on right now. Those on Medicare are being hit with a staggering amount of information, making this time of year especially confusing.”

Knowing which plan is right for you is Breitenfeldt Group’s specialty. Their team can help compare premiums, benefits, provider choices, prescription drug coverage, and pharmacy options to make sure everyone they work with is on the most suitable plan based on their specific situation.

“Beyond helping you find a plan, we’re here to provide comfort, confidence, and certainty to all our members,” said Breitenfeldt.

And Breitenfeldt Group has been providing these things for people in Minnesota (and beyond) for over 25 years -- and seniors all over the state have been singing their praises.

“As the founder of Breitenfeldt Group, nothing makes me feel better than knowing most of our business is due to our current members referring their friends and family to us,” said Breitenfeldt.

What also makes Breitenfeldt happy is seeing all the 5-star reviews coming in online, which he believes is a testament to their team of experts and the one-on-one service they provide their clients every day. A few examples of these 5-star reviews are printed on Page 4B.

Those who enroll through Breitenfeldt Group can work with their team of experts at any point throughout the year. “We encourage our members to always make us their first call. Even if it’s as simple as ordering a new insurance card or asking about a bill, we’re here for you.”

This eliminates the pain of having to call insurance companies.

“Calling insurance companies can be a painful process,” said Breitenfeldt. “We are appropriately staffed so we can take care of both our current members and any new members. If it’s ever necessary to call an insurance company, we make that call for you, or with you, to resolve any service issues throughout the year.”

As individual needs change so can coverage during Medicare’s Annual Election Period, which runs every year from Oct. 15 – Dec. 7. Breitenfeldt Group understands these changes, and every fall they perform reviews to make sure each of their members has the coverage that fits their needs. A critical part of the yearly review, he said, is that it is done from an independent broker like Breitenfeldt Group.

“Your medical condition can change, your prescriptions can change, and the health insurance companies have the ability to make changes every year as well,” Breitenfeldt said, “Your plan should be reviewed every fall by an independent source, not someone who sells for only one company. We work with all the major carriers in the state. This gives us the ability to analyze your complete insurance needs and shop for you.”

In recent years, having your options reviewed by an independent source has been as important as ever, said Breitenfeldt. And that’s because the Medicare Advantage market has really taken off in Minnesota. “It used to be that people going onto Medicare were picking a Medicare Advantage plan about half of the time. Now about 80 percent are deciding to select these types of plans.”

This trend comes down to two things, he said -- price and benefits.

“The prices have gone down and the benefits have gone up,” he said. These plans are well known for their additional benefits, including dental, vision, hearing aids, health club membership, and meals after hospitalization.

Those on Medicare Advantage plans can also change their plan every year to suit their needs, no health questions asked. “People love that they have the freedom to change companies or plans each fall without going through all the health questions,” he said.

Not on Medicare yet, but getting close? Breitenfeldt Group can help with that as well. They host many “Roadmap to Medicare” events throughout the year designed to guide you through the Medicare program.

“These are purely educational,” said Breitenfeldt. “We introduce ourselves and then go over the basics of Medicare. These meetings are perfect for those who are going to be on Medicare in the next year or two. There is so much information out there and so many companies vying for your attention, that people feel like a ping pong ball. We meet with them without trying to sell anything. We just want to make sure they feel comfortable and confident when they get to Medicare age.”

A list of these “Roadmap to Medicare” events can be found on the Breitenfeldt Group web page (

Breitenfeldt Group has offices in Alexandria, Long Prairie, Waite Park, Maple Grove, Edina, Woodbury, and Roseville, with a team of advisors covering the entire state of Minnesota. They also have an office in Appleton, Wisc., and can assist all Wisconsin residents as well. In addition to services in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Breitenfeldt Group is licensed in other states so they can assist those who move to warmer climates but still want their accounts taken care of by Breitenfeldt Group.

All office locations work together and are connected through state-of-the-art technology, meaning there is never confusion when a call comes in or a person stops by one of the offices.

“It doesn’t matter who answers the phone, we know who you are and what is going on,” he said. “There is no starting over with each call. You never start over with us.”

Having your own team of experts walking you through the process must cost something, right? Nope. All services by Breitenfeldt Group are offered at no charge.

“We will never send you a bill,” said Breitenfeldt. “Health plans are the same price and same coverage no matter where you get them, whether using an agent or buying directly from the insurance company. That means you won’t find a lower premium by shopping on your own. We are appointed with all the major insurance carriers to help you find a simple solution to your coverage needs. Our advisors are non-commissioned so together we can truly focus on your goals. If we change you to a new plan in the fall, it is for your benefit, not ours.”

Those who are going onto Medicare for the first time, are within a year or two of Medicare eligibility, would like to change plans, or need help understanding their Medicare benefits can contact Breitenfeldt Group toll free at 1-877-732-9800 or

For their complete story and to get to know their group, visit Breitenfeldt Group’s website at

This is a paid business profile. If you would like to learn more about promoting your business in the Sr. Perspective with a business profile, call Jim at 320-334-3344.

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