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Mission to Haiti: Firmin’s Coming

Lakes Area Loves Haiti

I know I am late with this post. We have been incredibly busy with a team staying at our house at the same time we are doing our usual Medika Mamba clinic and related activities. I confess, though, that we had one glorious day at the beach. It was a needed respite for Liz and me, the team of workers and Firmin’s family. Our awesome team from the Alexandria area painted the inside of the 1st phase of the rebuild of Pastor Firmin’s house and built some clothing storage as well.  All in less than a week!

The very exciting news, though, is that Liz and I are coming to Alexandria SOON and we are BRINGING PASTOR FIRMIN WITH US!!!! We have been working with this wise and discerning man of God for well over a year now and have the opportunity to bring him to the US for his first trip ever and to introduce him to Alexandria! This is such a great opportunity for all of those who are following the work we are doing in Haiti, those that are already supporting this ministry and those that have a heart for reaching out to ‘the least of these’ but don’t know where God is calling them! (See Matthew 25:31 – 46)

While Pastor Firmin is in Alexandria we will have a special evening with our current monthly partners to meet and talk with him one-on-one. If you are one of our special members of The Generation Builders, plan to meet Firmin on August 23.

We will have a special evening on Sunday August 25, for people who are new to this ministry to meet Pastor Firmin, Liz and me, and to hear more about the work God is doing through this ministry and Pastor Firmin in Haiti and to join us in making this ministry an ongoing reality for the people we are serving.

We will also have a joint food packing event with the Alexandria branch of Kids Against Hunger on Saturday, August 24. We are inviting groups such as youth groups, Bible study groups, churches, schools and others to sign up to pack meals. At least 80% of the food packed in Alexandria will come to us in Haiti for distribution to our families. These are families that we have gotten to know through our Medika Mamba program for malnourished kids under the age of 5. They are not families looking for a hand out. They are families whose kids are starving because there are no jobs and, too often, no dads in the home.

We feel that God has given you a special opportunity to become more personally acquainted with Haiti, with us and with the work we are doing during this time. We invite you to join us welcoming pastor Firmin and making this life saving work a reality for many more children and families!

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