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My Perspective: ‘Heroes Honored,’ cookbooks & more!

By Jim Palmer

If you visit any newspaper office in the world, you will likely get a different vibe from the newspaper crew depending on the day you visit. If it is “deadline day,” your visit might be very brief. People’s focus might be intense, their faces tightened and their conversations kept short and sweet. But if you visit on a day immediately following a big deadline, you might witness a group of people that is relaxed, smiling and full of joy. The happy feelings are especially good when they are proud of the publication that they just sent to the press.

'Heroes Honored' and 'More Lifelong Favorites' come out in November 2021.

At the Senior Perspective, the middle of September to the end of October is wild with one big deadline after another. In a 5-week span, we print 10 editions of the Senior Perspective (October & November editions), our 100+ page “More Lifelong Favorites” cookbook and the annual Veterans Day Special Section. Yeah, it is a lot.

When the dust settles, our small (but amazing) team here will have produced nearly 350 pages of unique content. For the fun of it, I figured out how many pages have been printed through Senior Perspective in this 5-week period using the number of pages and our circulation numbers. This year, it came to nearly 15 million pages. Uffda.

So it is with great pleasure (and relief) that we offer you our November newspapers and our Veteran’s Day special section, along with our annual cookbook.

A special thank you to all those people who contributed to these publications in some way. This includes those who submitted recipes and photos for the cookbook, those who support the publications through advertising, our delivery team, our sales team and our office staff.

We hope you enjoy each of these publications.

“More Lifelong Favorites” Cookbook

This year’s book is 104 pages filled with the “best of the best” recipes from some of the premiere kitchen dwellers in the midwest.

The “More Lifelong Favorites” cookbook (also referred to as the Senior Perspective cookbook) will be distributed to stores between Oct. 26 and Nov. 3. The book is priced at just $4 and is available at more than 160 shops in Minnesota (and one in Fargo).

Why is the price just $4? Well, that is because of the support from businesses who appear in the cookbook and distribute the books from their shops.

A list of the locations that are carrying this year’s book is listed in the middle of the “Heroes Honored” special section. Remember to wait until about Nov. 3 to start your search as some may not have the books until that time. One word of advice. If you plan to get a cookbook, be sure to pick one up in the first month. About 3/4 of the stores sell out by mid December. So if you want three books, grab three books when you see them. They may not be there the next time you go back to that store. If you are unable to find a book or there are no longer books in the communities near you, you can always order one by mail. Information on ordering is printed on Page 9V of the Heroes Honored special section.

“Heroes Honored” special section

Each May, we publish our “Heroes Remembered” special section to honor our fallen soldiers and each November we publish our “Heroes Honored” special section to honor our living veterans. We are proud of both of these publications.

Our Heroes Honored special section is inserted in every one of our newspapers this month.

A special thanks to the advertisers who are supporting the printing of our special sections. We are looking to expand these special section with more articles about more veterans. To do that, we will be looking for more businesses and individuals interested in supporting these ventures. If you would like to support these publications with advertising, please contact us for details.

Looking for the classified ads?

Because we have a publication (“Heroes Honored”) that is inserted in all five editions of the paper, and the classified ads are the same in all five editions, we have added some pages and included them in the Heroes Honored special section. It is more cost effective than printing them five times.

Look for the classifieds on Page 7V and 10V in the special section.

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