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My Perspective: Subscription special now through Dec. 14

We are coming down the home stretch on what will clearly be one of the most memorable years in all of our lives. The other day I was telling our youngest son, Easton (age 10), that someday he will be asked to explain to his children and/or grandchildren how wild and crazy the year 2020 was, or what it was like to live through a pandemic. With any luck, he will also be able to talk about how things were much better in year 2021.

As cases rises and the weather gets colder, we expect more of our readers to stay at home or closer to home. Because of this, we would to offer a special subscription offer that will help allow more people who want the paper get the paper. For now through Dec. 14, all one-year subscriptions will be just $17 (regularly $26). You can also get a six-month subscription for $12, also a discounted rate.

These subscriptions can be either for yourself or as a gift. Gift subscriptions are great for someone who might be isolated or who has a hard time getting out to pick one up each month.

To order a subscription, just call us at 320-634-4024 and pay by phone. You can also go on our web page and subscribe. Just go to and click “Shop” and then click on “Subscription.” You will need to pick which edition you want to buy, too. See the map under the "Distribution" tab if you are not familiar with the different editions (there are five editions each month).

Once again, this subscription special will only run through Dec. 14. If we receive your subscription by that date, you will receive your first newspaper (the January edition) in your mailbox at the end of December.


A couple months ago, I put a call out to our readers asking for their “Favorite Christmas Memory” or their “Best Christmas Gift” -- which could be either a material gift or not material at all. The response was tremendous. The letters started coming in almost immediately. In the end, we received nearly 30 Christmas stories that we were able to use in this month’s Senior Perspective. The stories are spread out throughout all the editions. There were too many to print all of them in all the editions. If you would like to read all of them, just go to our web page ( All of the contributed stories will be on there.

Not only did we get a lot of stories submitted, but the quality of the stories is really, really good! Thanks for all the contributors. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Since the response was so good, I would like to keep the ball rolling. Let’s do this again for the February/March editions. See the box below for two new topics, as well as guidelines for submitting a story. If one of these topics strikes a chord with you, I would welcome you to send us your story.


The latest Senior Perspective cookbook (volume 18) is being sold at several stores in our distribution area.

After a surge of reorders at a places that had run out quickly in mid-November, we are no longer able to fill reorders. This means, once the books are sold out, they are gone.

A list of all the shops that have been carrying the books is listed on Page 14. If you are traveling far distances, but sure to call ahead to make sure they still have the books in stock. I expect most of the these locations to be sold out by Christmas day.

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