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Nash & Amy...‘Could I have the next dance?’

Finding love in the golden years

By Amy Knopps of Starbuck

Amy and Nash danced at Jazz N Java in Willmar about four weeks before Nash passed away. Contributed photo

My name is Amy. I was married 23 1/2 years the first time and 19 1/2 years the second time. I was 51 when I married Roland, who has since passed away.

I was not actually looking to marry for a third time, but my soon-to-be third husband, Nash, was looking for a wife. His first wife Donna had passed away after their 56th anniversary. Nash came to a senior citizen dance, and I watched as he looked over the ladies who had no partners (there were about 21 of us). Lo and behold he stopped and looked at me! I was so excited! Nash said, “Could I have the next dance?” I replied, “Certainly, I’d love to have the next dance.” We danced continuously all afternoon.

Before meeting Nash I was so lonely and bored. After meeting him I was content and happy, and so was he.

We were married in a church and had a lovely reception with much dancing. The band was our favorite -- 50s and 60s music by Whitney music band. We went to dance there for almost eight years. Sadly after 11 years he passed away from cancer.

We enjoyed being together. Nash and I owned a 40-year-old bicycle built for two. He’d sing -- “Amy, Amy give me your answer to -- I’m half crazy all for the love of you” to the tune of “Daisy, Daisy.” It was such fun to make memories together. I feel blessed to have found each other at 72 years of age.

Our first date was for a dance in Spicer. The Steffl Sisters sang (they were one of our favorites). We talked about family -- I have five children, 16 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren. Nash had six children, 30-some grandchildren and he couldn’t count how many great grandchildren. I had three boys, Gary, Dave and Brian, and two girls, Wendy Sue and Julie Renae. 

We both had hobbies and activities we liked, but the only challenge was he wanted to be together 24/7 and I had some interests of my own. I’d babysit six infants once a week at a local church -- there were two of us and Laura and I became very close friends. I also had some girlfriends I liked to go to lunch with. Sometimes he went along but sometimes we said, “Girl’s day out, sonny.”

In my first two marriages I was used to doing all the shopping alone, lugging in food for nine people for one week. I also went to bible camp (took my youngest daughter Julie along) and some church activities alone.

My only advice is: choose your mate carefully, work hard to compromise, and take time to say “I love you” every day.

I presently live in an assisted living in Starbuck. I’m resigned to these golden years and try hard to be content. I miss not having a partner like Nash. 

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