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Neighborhood pickle party


The group has canned pickles for the past seven years to socialize with their neighbors. Their pickles are not for sale. They are given to families who help with the canning process and friends. “People like our pickles because of all the love we put in it,” said Reza. During the week, Reza works for Best Buy at their corporate office in Bloomington. His wife, Jodie, is a hairstylist.


The process, or as one put it … the dirty work, starts the night before. The cucumbers are from the Kokesh Farms in Winthrop, and all the flowers on the tips of the cucumbers are removed. Then they are put in a washing machine, removed and packed on ice.

The recipe for dill pickles is a Windscitl recipe handed down from Pam’s parents.

At 7 a.m. the next day, they all get together to start the canning process. Coffee and treats are provided, but there is no break for dinner ,and they accomplish their task of canning over 300 quarts of pickles about 4 p.m., that’s almost 40 quarts per hour.

There are many more pictures from the pickle party in the photo gallery.

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