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‘Not just a store, it’s an experience’


The Bric offers up fashion and flair, with a fun and friendly atmosphere


Debbie Carlson, store manager at The Bric in Fergus Falls, has a passion for retail. She has more than 30 years in home design, and has a keen eye for detail. Photo by Carol Stender

When Stephanie Dykhoff saw a need for a women’s clothing store in Fergus Falls, she grabbed the opportunity and launched The Bric.

The Bric opened in 2015, and since then has grown into a store that offers far more than current fashion trends for women. Dykhoff has added items for men and children, as well as home decor, specialty foods, puzzles, games kitchen items, comforter sets, and the list goes on...

Dykhoff has a passion for retail that is matched by The Bric’s store manager, Debbie Carlson. Carlson brings her gifts of styling to the store. She has over 30 years in home design, and has brought that same flare and enthusiasm into helping women dress for everyday and special occasions. Carlson says she has a keen eye for detail, and believes every woman deserves a wardrobe that makes her feel good about herself, regardless of their budget.

In addition, Carlson is very proud of her team at The Bric. “All employees work diligently at making anyone’s visit to The Bric a positive and relaxing experience,” said Carlson. “Each employee is continually trained on product knowledgeability with exemplary customer service.”

Carlson stated that the continued success of The Bric is based on each customer having a unique and special visit to the store. A stranger walks in the door of The Bric and leaves as a friend, she said.

“When women enter our store, there is no pressure to buy,” Carlson added. “We want the ambiance of the store to be friendly and inviting.”

The Bric offers one-on-one attention, as well as helpful styling advice to stretch anyone’s budget. Carlson’s team will help a customer select an attractive top and then accessorize it, often finding three different ways to create different looks.

“What woman doesn’t love that!” said Carlson.

As store manager, Carlson said she likes to lead by example but encourages her staff to develop their own flair of styling women.

“And always being tastefully honest. That way we develop trust between the staff and the customer,” added Carlson.

The Bric enjoys helping women discover their own sense of style and comfort. Trusted brands like Tribal, Charlie B, Joy, Pure Essence, Ethyl, and many more name brands, are found throughout the store. Several of these brands are exclusive to Fergus Falls.

The Bric prides itself by not only being current in fashion, but also home décor. Carlson says she spends a lot of time studying trends from coast to coast.

Once you step into the store, whether from the street or the back-parking lot, you see clothing. Everything is attractively styled with shoes with jewelry nearby.

The Bric has a variety of items in the shop, including men and women’s fashion, home decor, items for children, and more. Photo by Carol Stender

Check out the lower level and discover beautiful home décor and gift items. Everything literally from soups to nuts can be found. Carlson recommends that a shopper starts in one direction and then turns around and go back the other way and retrace their steps.

“Customers laugh and tell us they can’t believe how much they missed by doing that!”

Carlson and her team work hard at noticing every person who walks in the store. She is thankful she is a part of Dykhoff’s organization and happy that she is given her free reign to help women.

The Bric is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. They are also open on Thursday nights until 8 p.m. from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

“The Bric… not just a store, it’s an experience.”

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