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November 2020 Photo Gallery

Little turtles hatched near Flora Lake, in Hitterdal. Every June painted turtles come out and lay eggs along the gravel road and in Sue Taylor’s flower gardens. Early September these five turtles crawled out. Sue walked them down to the lake, put them on the shore and waited about 20 minutes until they happily swam away.
Fall color from a scenic drive around Lake Carlos with Susan Birhanzel.
At 19 months, Mila Mae was old enough to help husk corn for lunch. Submitted by her great grandmother Marilyn Johnson, of Wheaton.
Holly Hoff, planted wildflower seeds in her front yard a couple years ago, and these coneflowers come back every year.
Deric Radermacher having backyard fun with puppy Macy. Shared by Rob Radermacher, of Bellingham.
Gwen Gullickson grows great gourds in Flandreau, South Dakota.
“You chow down, I’ll keep watch.” Arnie Borchert, of Sauk Rapids, saw these birds eating from the dining room window when he lived on the farm in Wisconsin.

American Legion car show in Litchfield. Photo by Kristie Flachmeyer.
On the same day his son, Charles, saw a rainbow in Afghanistan, Ron Ploeger was greeted by the one below at Star Lake near Litchfield.
Catherine Craddock brought her dog Theodore down to the river, in Mankato, to enjoying a beautiful afternoon.
Charlie Ploeger holding his thumb up in the front row, with his unit, Minnesota Air National Guard, 109th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, out of St. Paul, on their flying Hospital.
Brenda Kotasek shared this Southern Minnesota barn, which she saw proudly displaying the flag near her home, in rural St Peter.
Rainbow over Bagram Air Force Base, Afghanistan. Taken by Charles Ploeger, youngest child of Ron Ploeger, on Oct. 1.

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