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November 2023 Photo Gallery

Baltimore orioles are named for their orange-and-black plumage, the colors of the heraldic crest of England’s Baltimore family who also gave its name to the city. Photo captured by Al Batt of Heartland, Minn.

This photo was taken before the approaching storm on Monday 10/3 in Albany, Minn. Terry Schwab was facing west and saw a rainbow which is rare to see in that direction!

Snow crystals shining in the sun is the perfect reminder that winter is a beautiful time. Jeff Stave of Brainerd, Minn. took this photo about a year ago.

Sue Taylor of Hitterdal, Minn. was able to get this close-up of a bumble bee gathering pollen.

This arch represents the connection between our lives and the meaningful times we have with each other. It is very fitting that DeVonne Koppenberg of Rockford, Minn. experienced this arch while visiting friends in Fairbanks Alaska.

Carolyn Enstad sent in this lovely sunset in Walnut Grove, Minn., displaying perfect October colors.

This meaningful sculpture was an old tree given new life in early October. Sharla Bengtson of Wood Lake was able to see it only one week after it was carved at the Granite Falls Memorial Park.

The bike trail from Alexandria to Nelson is a great place to admire the fall colors. Sue Peterson from Alexandria, Minn. went on a colorful bike ride under the trees one late September day.

Oliver the cat seems to think he is the boss of the shop. You can find him often observing his owner's work from a comfy spot in the shop. Photo sent in by Mary Pladsen of New Ulm, Minn.

Ava VanderBeek of Eden Valley, Minn., sent this photo to us last March. This male cardinal really stands out against the snow that we had then. Luckily we can keep an eye out for these lovely birds all seasons.

Stacy Moe of Vergas, Minn. got to see the Northern Lights peaking over the clouds in early October. This photo even shows the lights outshining the city lights below.

Late September is when this farmer was able to start harvesting their beans. Photo sent in by Gail Kloos of Donnelly, Minn.

Deb Huett of Mankato, Minn. vacationed in Outer Banks, North Carolina this September. She took this photo on the beach around the time of sunset.

A beautiful tree displaying fall colors. Sent in by Lori Ostrowski of Brainerd, Minn.

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