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BUSINESS PROFILE: Elite Seamless Gutters, LLC

Elite foreman: ‘We want the gutters to be something you can be proud of’

By Scott Thoma

Mike Kack has a simple philosophy when it comes to the Canby-based Elite Seamless Gutters LLC company that he owns.

Workers install a section of gutter on a home in Wood Lake. Photo by Scott Thoma

“To treat customers like you want to be treated yourself,” he said. “I’m old school where a handshake is worth more than a piece of paper. If we tell you we’re going to do the best job we can, that’s what you’re going to get.”

Because Kack stands behind his products, Elite Seamless Gutters has become a widely-popular company that installs around 325-350 seamless gutters and/or gutter guard yearly.

“We put up over 400 gutters and gutter guards last year because it was a mild December,” he said. “We value our customers and want them to know we aren’t going to install a product that doesn’t hold up.”

Elite Seamless Gutters serves a three-hour radius of Canby, which is located in southwestern Minnesota, to install gutters for commercial, residential and agriculture buildings, but will also travel beyond that, if needed.

“We’ve had people call us from further away than three hours and say they heard about us from a friend relative that we did work for,” Kack said. “We’ve also gone to North and South Dakota.”

Elite Seamless Gutters offers free estimates for 30 days.

Elite Seamless Gutters encompasses much more than just installing quality gutters and gutter guards. They also offer gutter cleaning and maintenance, ice dam, roof snow removal, roofing repairs, shingling, siding, insulation and window installation.

“I had Elite Seamless install gutters on two of my barns and a machine shed,” said Steve of Marietta. “They are very professional and know what they are doing. We get a lot of snow on the roofs of our buildings and the gutters they put up have held up very well.” 

Preparing a section of gutter in front of the Elite Seamless Gutter trailer; Photos by Scott Thoma.

Kack’s Elite Seamless Gutters business spawned from “The Bat Guys Bat Removal Company” he owns that is now in 17 states.

“I hired someone to run the company for me and after that I realized thar I needed to get out and be with people,” he explained. “So, I decided to start Elite Seamless Gutters and it has really taken off.”

A big reason for the success of the company is that Kack assures his customers that the gutters his crew installs will hold up to the rigors of Minneota weather.

“Many companies place spacers 24 inches apart and we space them 18 inches apart for more stability at no additional cost,” he explained. “You could literally hang on our gutters and they won’t come down.”

Steve T. of Willmar had severe roof damage to his home as the previous owner did not replace the old shingles. Because of that, the roof eventually leaked and the gutters would not hold in place.

“I had several estimates done and because of the cost, I realized that I couldn’t get all the work done at the same time,” Steve said. “I knew some people that had Elite Seamless do work for them and they were very pleased, so I called Mike to see if he would give me an estimate, too. He explained everything thoroughly to me before giving me an estimate, which turned out to be lower than anyone I had checked, so I decided to have all the work done at once.” 

Joey Mosser is a foreman on the Elite Seamless Gutter crew and is proud of the company he works for and the work they do.

Elite workers Tommy Kounlabout and Joey Mosser roll out a section of seamless gutter. Photo by Scott Thoma

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I have so much pride in my work,” he said. “I tell them ‘Why wouldn’t I?’ It’s not just the name of the company I work for, but when I’m done with a job, I want to look at it and know that I did the best job I could do. It’s like anything else you do. We want the gutters to be something you can be proud of. We get a lot of compliments from home owners.”

Elite Seamless Gutters also has had rave reviews about its gutter guards.

“Our gutter guards are designed to get air flow underneath so if leaves land on them, they usually blow off before they dry and stick to them,” Kack explained. “Our gutter guards are attached to the front and rear of the gutter and also to the fascia board, so that makes the actual gutters 240 percent stronger than those without a gutter guard.”

Elite Seamless has put up gutters and done work on all types of buildings; from million-dollar homes down to small agricultural buildings.

“We offer extremely competitive prices with top-notch service,” Kack said. “Just because we’re on the cheaper end doesn’t mean you will get a cheap job. We don’t charge extra for better quality items we use.”

A closeup of one of the gutters that Elite uses to keep twigs, leaves and nuts out. Contributed photo

The downspouts typically used in gutter installation are 2” x 3”, while Elite Seamless Gutters uses 3x4-inch downspouts.

“The smaller downspouts get clogged much easier because there are half-inch screws in them on both sides,” Kack said. “With ours, there is much less chance of clogging. We also use stainless steel screws on our downspouts so they won’t rust.”

For more information or to set up a free estimate, call Mike at 320-438-0052.

This is a paid business profile. If you would like to learn more about promoting your business in the Sr. Perspective with a business profile, call Jim at 320-334-3344.

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