Second film to be released soon on Oddney and Magnar

In the October edition of the Sr. Perspective, siblings Oddney and Magnar Klieva were featured. The two lived their entire life on a small farm in Norway and had never been farther than 30 miles from their farm.

Oddney and Magnar Klieva at the premiere of the second film featuring their experiences away from their farm. The official release of the film will take place in 2016. The first film, Siblings Are Forever will be shown at Glenwood Retirement Village on Jan. 10 and 24. Pictured at the back left of this photo is Carolyn Rust, a relative of the Klievas, who traveled from Terrace to Norway for the premiere this past fall. Contributed photo

A film called Siblings Are Forever was made about their story, which also had a Minnesota tie. The Klievas are related to Carolyn Rust, of Terrace. The siblings traveled to west central Minnesota last fall and got a chance to see their relatives and experience the U.S. way of living.

On Jan. 10, and Jan. 24, the first film on the Klievas will be shown in the chapel of Glenwood Retirement Village in Glenwood at 6 p.m. A second film was made and will be officially released in 2016, but no date has been set for that release. The second film shows some of Oddney and Magnar’s adventures in America. Carolyn and her husband recently travelled to Norway to attend the premiere of the second film in Norway.

Since the successful release of the first film, the siblings have become quite popular in Norway.

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