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Sr. Perspective September 2020

Relax, it's good news. Select the edition for your area or check out the stories that aren't delivered to your area. All the local advertisers are in here along with a puzzle, jokes, recipes, and more that your friends enjoy each month.

Minnesota’s own wonder woman, Kitty O’Neil, and a Monticello woman shares her passion for Haidong Gumdo in September’s Lindbergh edition of Senior Perspective.

Go cruising down the Yellowstone Trail with a group from Western Minnesota, then read about a farmer, collector, and radio personality with a rich family history in September’s Prairie edition of Senior Perspective.

Read about a Henderson man with deep roots, plus a Hutch couple that delivers gifts, and lots of smiles in September’s River edition of Senior Perspective.

Fergus Falls woman is on a Mission for coffee in Alaska. We’ve also got a story about the history of bandstands and bandshells, really hopping just 100 years ago, in September’s Runestone edition of Senior Perspective.

A man whose best friends are all three-legged, alarm clocks, and a Fargo woman recalls a life of helping children, both in September’s Valley edition of Senior Perspective.

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