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Start snapping! Cookbook photos sought

The corn is knee high and that means we at the Senior Perspective are gearing up for our next cookbook.

Like in past years, we will be looking for some “extra spice” from our readers in the form of photos. I thought this would be the perfect time to send this call for photos with Fourth of July coming soon.

If you are new to our newspaper, the Senior Perspective prints a cookbook each November. The book is popular. How popular? Last year, over 29,000 were sold in Minnesota and eastern South Dakota, making it one of the highest selling cookbooks in the Midwest.

The book features many of the recipes that have appeared in all four editions of the paper in the last year, along with some special recipes that are sent to us especially for the cookbook.

Besides recipes, there are some fun stories, fun food facts and some other interesting things in the book. One popular addition to the book over the years has been the inclusion of photos from our readers. We are now collecting photos to be included in the next cookbook.

This is what I’m looking for… 1) Photos of you or your family preparing, serving or eating food. 2) The photos can be new (recent picnic or Thanksgiving meal), or they can be old (photos from 1960 of grandmother serving her special casserole to hungry men after a day in the fields). 3) Kids and grandkids make great photos. Get a picture of you and your grandson making homemade pie, or a snapshot of your aunt shucking corn with your son. 4) If you have a recipe that goes with a food item in the photo, include that, too.

Photos can be emailed in digital form, mailed or brought to our office for scanning. If emailed, send to If mailed, send to Sr. Perspective Cookbook Recipes, P.O. Box 1, Glenwood, MN 56334. If you have an old photo that you are worried about mailing, bring it in and we can scan it for you right away. Our physical address is 107 East Minnesota Ave., Glenwood. The deadline for submission is Sept. 12.

All photos will be saved and sent back to you once the cookbooks are printed. As a thank you, all those who mail in photos that we used in the book will receive a complimentary copy of the cookbook. These books will be mailed out in mid-November. One book per family.

In addition to the photos, we are also looking for some recipes. Each year, there are a few categories in the book that are a little lighter than others. We always have enough cake, cookie and pie recipes. We also have plenty of salad recipes. This year, we are especially in need of the following recipes: fish recipes, ethnic dishes, soup recipes, diabetic and gluten-free recipes, beverage recipes and nonfood recipes.

If you have a fun story, an interesting poem or a funny joke that has to do with food, please send that in as well. If you have a family tradition that revolves around eating or a specific food, let us know about it. We are always looking for interesting things to include in our book. The deadline for all submissions is Sept. 12.

The cookbooks will be delivered for distribution in more than 220 locations in Minnesota and a handful of locations in South Dakota in mid-November. If you know a business that would like to be a part of the cookbook advertising/distribution, please let us know this summer. If you have any questions about the cookbook, please call me at 320-334-3344 or email at

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