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The Craft Nook: What are you thankful for?

• Neenah EPC Film – black – (available on and other locations) •    Silk leaves •    Electronic die cutter •    Iron •    Platter •    Candle holders

Instructions •    Think of things you are thankful for in your life; then create those words with your die cutting machine.  Be sure to reverse the words before cutting….I made my words one inch high. •    Peel away excess EPC film so you only have the words on the backing paper; be sure and remove the inside of such letters as the Os, Ds Bs and such.  Cut your words apart. •    Peel the stem off of your silk leaves. •    Place one word face down onto a silk leave and iron following manufacturer’s instructions.  Let it cool down and peel away backing. Repeat for all of your words. •    Arrange your leaves onto the platter and set candle holders on top. Tips & Tricks •    If you do not have an electronic die cutter you can create this same effect by writing onto the leaves with a Sharpie. •    Rearrange the leaves every now and then so you can see the words and be reminded of what you are “thankful” for. •    Arrange the leaves in a cornucopia with other items and use as a centerpiece; with the leaves coming out onto the table. •    Use the leaves for placecards at your Thanksgiving Dinner (a tip given to me by one of my readers). •    Glue the leaves onto napkin rings.


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