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The great haircut

Between the Northern Pacific and Great Northern railroads in downtown Hinckley was Main Street. It was where many railroaderes and passengers did a lot of business, especially through the first half of the 20th century.

This was where the railroaders’ most favorite comical story about Hinckley took place. More specifically, it was inside a barber shop in 1917.

The editor of the Hinckley Enterprise wore a long white gown, much like a barbers’. A stranger assumed that he was a barber and demanded that he give him a haircut and do it right now! The editor attempted to explain, but the stranger refused to hear another word.

He tried to give him a haircut, yet it came off as a semi-scalp job. Speculations claim the stranger’s sheared head appeared half mohawk and half reverse mohawk.

The stranger grabbed a mirror and was horrified with his appearance and “fairly stormed!” He asked him if he called that a haircut?

His reply: “I don’t know. You might ask the barber. He will be in presently. I am the editor of the village paper and was waiting for a haircut myself.”

This stranger did have two consolations: Although sloppy, he did get a haircut, and it was free.

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