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Mobiz has been solving computer problems, big and small for 12 years

The Mobiz team, pictured by the retail area in their Morris office, includes (front L to R) Amanda Bohm, Tucker McCannon, (back L to R) Roger McCannon, and Patrick Janachovosky. Contributed photo

When Tucker McCannon of Morris was young, he loved to take things apart and put them back together again. He also loved technology. By the time he had graduated from Morris Area High School in 2000, he was already well versed in the fast-moving world of technology and was re-building computers for friends. During his college years, he continued to help more and more friends with their computer needs.

“I liked to build PCs and I eventually figured out I was good at it,” said Tucker. “I began doing more when I was living in an apartment in Morris (during college). Word spread and I started helping more people.”

In 2004, Tucker took what he was doing on the side and decided to form a business–Mobiz Computers. He rented a booth at the county fair, had business cards printed, and with help from family and friends jazzed up his van with some decals. The appearance at the fair resulted in more contacts and more business… just enough to get the ball rolling fast enough to sustain the business in the early stages.

“I would drive around and help people with their computers” said Tucker. “At about this same time, the boon of broadband was starting and more and more people were going on-line. The timing of this broadband boon meant a lot of people needed help.”

Soon, all the ingredients of a successful business came together. Tucker knew what he was doing and he enjoyed working with and helping people. The business started to grow and he opened an office.

“The word of mouth kind of blew up the business,” said Tucker.

Mobiz Computers, now in its 12th year, continues to add satisfied customers. Mobiz now has a staff of four, including Tucker, Roger (his father), Amanda Bohm and Patrick Janachovosky. They offer a full line of services, and a have a retail location at 202 East 7th Street in Morris. In addition to customer support, Mobiz also sells a wide variety of products including: computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, and ink and toner.

“Not everyone knows that we have a retail area here but it is definitely a big part of our business,” said Tucker. “We actually have a fairly high volume of sales. You may pay a little more for the products we sell, but you will get the customer support behind each product, and people really like that.”

In addition to helping the people in Stevens County, Mobiz also does a fair amount of work in other communities. They have helped big corporations provide tech support throughout Minnesota and the Midwest.

Advancements of remote support has made serving more people possible, and in places further away. So in some cases, the Mobiz crew can fix a computer problem without leaving their office through remote support software. “We can go gain access to your computer and help you remotely,” said Tucker.

Tucker McCannon and the Mobiz team can work remotely on some technology issues. Photo by Jim Palmer

There are a few things that sets Mobiz apart, Tucker believes. And it starts with service–the same kind of service Tucker provided his friends in high school and college–professional customer support.

“I think the customer support is definitely one of our strengths here,” said Tucker.

“One of Tucker’s strengths is he does not talk down to people who don’t know the technology. He can ‘geek talk’ with anyone, but he does not talk down to anyone.” said Roger. “He is very easy to work with.”

“I always try to be on the same level of technology as the customer,” said Tucker.

Often times, when people come in with a computer that needs attention, they are not always in the best mood. The Mobiz staff works hard to diagnose the problem quickly so they can put their mind at ease; then they get to work.

“We make sure they are aware of how the repairs are progressing and let them know when they can expect the computer or device to be ready,” said Tucker. “It is great to see people who come in so unhappy, leave happy because we were able to fix the problem.”

As a result of the Mobiz customer service, they receive a lot of good feedback from customers thanking them for going the extra mile to get their computer back to working condition.

“We have many repeat customers because of the service we provide,” said Amanda. “People trust us. They will talk to us on the phone or see us in the grocery store and tell us, ‘You know where the computer is in the house… just stop by and pick it up.”

And Mobiz works hard to make things easy for the customer.

“Some people definitely do not like the idea of having to unhook everything and bring it in and then bring it back and hook it up when it is fixed,” said Patrick. “It is a deterrent for them. We can go pick up the computer, fix it and bring it back to them, or maybe the problem can be fixed remotely so the computer doesn’t need to be moved at all.”

Another strength of the Mobiz crew is diagnosing problems. Technology is constantly changing and Mobiz keeps up on the latest. And when a very challenging problem arises, Tucker and the crew enjoy the challenge of solving the problem.

“There is always something new and different (in this industry),” said Tucker. “We enjoy problem solving and work as a team to find the right solution. We welcome those challenges. I think it helps keep your brain fresh.”

Mobiz works with all makes and models, from small devices (including iPads and cell phones). They sell and support Voyageur and custom-built desktop solutions, along with notebooks from manufacturers such as HP, Acer and Lenovo. They look to meet the customers’ needs on performance, price and size.

“We repair Apple, Android and many other popular tablets and phones each year,” said Tucker. “And we replace cracked screens or help customers customize their devices to fit their individual needs.”

Mobiz works with small, one-person businesses and they also handle large businesses with complicated networks.

“We have always helped residential customers, but a big part of our business is working with commercial and businesses clients,” said Roger. “We work with co-ops, dentists, insurance, and just about any kind of retail business. We can set up a network, install software and give them support.”

And residential and commercial service are two different animals, according to Tucker.

“If your home computer goes down, you can probably live without email for a day,” he said. “If a business computer system goes down, most businesses do not work without the internet and computer systems working.”

“Security has also become a big issue in business,” said Roger. “More and more businesses are looking for added security to protect themselves and their customers’ data.

“It is something that we deal with daily,” said Tucker. “We can help virus removal and protection and educate the businesses on how to keep their systems safe.”

During the last dozen years or so, Tucker has watched technology become a huge part of just about everyone’s life. And he has watched more and more seniors become connected through computers, social media and devices.

Tucker McCannon and Amanda Bohm next to some of the retail items available at the Mobiz office in Morris. Each product is backed by Mobiz. Photo by Jim Palmer

“It is hard to escape technology. Because that has become a big part of how people stay in touch,” said Tucker. “We have people tell us that they are ‘computer illiterate,’ but most people have some level of skill when it comes to technology. And kids, the Millenials, and people in their 20s, 30s and 40s are kind of pulling technology toward seniors.”

Seniors have lots of questions on technology, and so does the rest of the population for that matter. As an effort to help answer many of these questions, Tucker appears on a weekly radio show. The show is called “Ask the Experts” and it airs each Thursday at 9:10 a.m. on KMRS, 1230 AM, in Morris.

To have your questions answered by Tucker or another member of the Mobiz team, call (320) 589-0023 or stop by their office at 202 East 7th Street in Morris. Mobiz is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. You can also learn more about Mobiz, including a full list of services, on-line at

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