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What are the benefits of advanced hearing aid technology?

Answers by Brooke Steckelberg, Au.D., CCC-A at St. Cloud ENT

What are the life-changing benefits of hearing aid technology?

Brooke Steckelberg, Au.D., CCC-A. Contributed photo

Over the past decade, research has linked hearing loss to loneliness, dementia, reduced quality of life, a higher risk of falls and increased anxiety and depression. While various theories attempt to explain these connections, scientists know one thing for sure—hearing devices are the most effective form of hearing loss treatment. 

Fortunately for patients, today’s devices are quite different from the clunky hearing aid models of the past—they’re smaller, smarter and more comfortable. Best of all, advanced prescriptive hearing devices have numerous life-changing features that were previously unavailable, helping individuals stay active and connected with family and friends like never before. Let’s explore a few of them.

Personalized, Sensor-Driven Sound Clarity 

Since speech varies in clarity, cutting-edge hearing devices from companies like Oticon and Starkey include innovative sensors that help users focus on what they want to hear. These sensors use head and body movements, environmental sounds and conversational cues to improve speech clarity, especially in challenging settings like restaurants, crowds and outdoor environments. They also provide data on the user’s activity levels and lifestyle, enhancing overall hearing health.

Bluetooth® Connectivity 

Manufacturers have enhanced the compatibility of hearing devices with smartphones, allowing users to control their devices directly through an app. Many smartphones enable users to listen to phone calls, podcasts and audiobooks through their hearing devices, with customizable sound quality for music. Additionally, hearing health professionals can program these devices remotely through virtual visits, allowing users to adjust their settings from home.

AI-Driven Innovations 

The most significant advancements in hearing devices stem from artificial intelligence (AI), which enables rapid and intelligent adjustments, adapting the device’s performance to meet individual needs. 

AI uses several features to enhance sound quality and create a more natural, user-friendly listening experience. They include real-time sound processing, machine learning, adaptive feedback cancellation, voice recognition and isolation and automatic environmental adaptation. For individuals with significant hearing loss, AI reduces the cognitive load required to understand speech, thereby decreasing listening effort and fatigue, making daily interactions less tiring and more enjoyable.

Beyond just advanced features, some basic aspects of hearing devices have also seen significant improvements. These include longer-lasting rechargeable batteries, enhanced microphone and speaker technology, increased water and dust resistance and the capability to deliver more power without causing whistling or feedback.

The comprehensive benefits of the latest hearing aids extend beyond just improving hearing. These state-of-the-art devices can enhance communication, cognitive health, personal safety, independence, emotional well-being and workplace efficiency, significantly elevating one’s overall quality of life.

But, hearing aids are only beneficial when worn, not left in a drawer. Proper selection and fitting by a hearing health care provider are crucial to ensure that an individual fully benefits from their hearing devices’ advanced functionalities. Additionally, regular follow-up care is essential to adjust the device’s settings as the user’s hearing needs change over time.  

By embracing modern hearing technology, individuals can improve their hearing ability as well as their cognitive, emotional and social health, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling, active and connected life.

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