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A destination for casual, serious birders

Wild About Birds DYK offers quality birdhouses, feeders and much more

If you love birds, you will love Wild About Birds DYK of Waite Park.

Wild About Birds has been a destination for both casual and serious birders alike.

“We are about 65 percent recycled and 80 percent American made,”  said Bill “B.J.” Meierhofer, who owns Wild About Birds with his partner Ann Hiemenz.

Bill and Ann take pride in the fact that the feeders they sell are durable and easy to clean, many with lifelong warranties.

“We sell the same things that we use, and we are very picky about what we use,” said Meierhofer.

The tube feeders from Droll Yankee and Aspects are made with polycarbonate and have lifelong warranties.  They offer these warranties because polycarbonate is the same material used in motorcycle windshields and bulletproof glass.  Droll Yankee has added Microban to their polycarbonate tubes to retard bacterial growth.

Meierhofer handcrafts some items right in the store, specializing in redwood feeders and birdhouses.

“We are always looking for more sources of redwood to recycle, especially old siding and decks.”

Bill uses longer screws with washers for strength and removable recycled aluminum for the drainage grates.  He also adds stainless hanging cables or high- carbon American steel flanges for pole mounting.

Bill and Ann have years of birding experience, and they like to share their expertise with their customers. They want their customers to have the same success they have had in their backyard.

“We understand that feeding the birds isn’t ‘rocket science,’ but there are some tricks that make it more fun.  We have the luxury of talking to lots of fervent birders and then we share with our customers what works.  We want our customers to get maximum enjoyment out of feeding and housing the local and migratory birds and waterfowl.”

Need a feeder repaired? Wild About Birds is a 5 Feather Platinum Droll Yankee dealer/repair/replacement center and will even fix select feeders purchased at another store.

One of the staples of Wild About Birds is the quality bird seed.

“We get our seed in weekly, and we only buy 99  and 100 percent clean,” said Meierhofer. “We do not add fillers, like millet or corn, in our mixes. We have no competition on quality of seed; it’s simply the best around.  We advise on components needed to get and hold birds.”

Keeping the seed dry and clean is very important.

“Wet seed will mold and when the bird tastes bad food, it will leave,” said Bill.

And a bird that leaves might not come back.

“We love the birds, but it’s important to know that birds have no loyalty to man, and they have wings, so, like humans, they go to the food sources they like and will leave you if your neighbor is offering better cover and food,” he said. “It is just like what people do with restaurants. We will go to the ones with the best food.”

Since Wild About Birds opened its doors, customer service has been of the highest priority. The staff goes out of its way to make sure each customer has quality products that are proven to work. Just how good is the service? Here is one example. An elderly lady in Waite Park loved her birds, but was having a hard time getting to the shop to pick up her seed. She was afraid she would have to stop. Bill now delivers her bird food and fills her feeders so she can continue to enjoy the birds.

Wild About Birds has many complimentary products, including mounting systems and chimes.

“We have Corinthian Bells and Bells of Vienna from Manassas Park, Va., our shepherd hooks and modular screw-in pole systems are from Illinois, and nearly all our metal products come from America.  What isn’t steel is copper, brass and bronze; we are proud to sell this type of quality.”

The only American steel shepherd hooks and modular pole systems for hanging feeders and plants available in central Minnesota come from Wild About Birds, said Meierhofer. “We just refuse to use the ‘pot metal’ that comes from China and India for our pole systems.”

The pole systems they offer screw into the ground and just snap together in any configuration imaginable.

Want to see the feeders in action? Stop by the store. They have about 35 feeders outside the store and hundreds of regular winged visitors.

Wild About Birds also has a lot of unique things for your yard and gardens, many are made in Minnesota.

“Granite birdbaths and stones are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.  Our Next Innovations products can’t be beat for beauty and durability, and they’re made in Walker,” said Meierhofer. “We also have Kay Berry memorial fountains, benches, and stones and Kitra’s glass art from Canada, just to name a few.”

Wild About Birds is located in the Riverwood Mall just 1/3 mile from Fleet Farm in Waite Park.  It is open weekdays, 10-6, Saturdays 10-4, and Sundays 12-4.  Their phone number is 320-251-8949.

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