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A roadmap to Medicare

Breitenfeldt Group offers guidance, support, reviews at no charge

“It’s so confusing! There are so many companies and choices available in today’s Medicare marketplace.”

This is the phrase most often heard when meeting with members, said Dennis Breitenfeldt, V.P. of Medicare at Breitenfeldt Group.

Are you confused by Medicare? Not sure you are taking the right path? Feel like you need a road map to Medicare?

“We have that road map,” said Breitenfeldt. “Just about everyone we talk to does not understand Medicare. And just about everyone we meet feels bad about not understanding Medicare. I just simply ask them, do you fix your own cars? Do you feel bad about that? Then why are you knocking yourself out over this? We can provide you with a road map to Medicare.” Whether you are aging into Medicare for the first time or have been on Medicare for years, Breitenfeldt Group can assist you.

The Breitenfeldt Group team, lead by Dennis Breitenfeldt (middle front), the vice-president of Medicare, is made up of specialists positioned throughout the state. Contributed photo

Breitenfeldt Group is an independent insurance brokerage dedicated to educating and providing simple solutions for those who are eligible for Medicare. There are offices in Long Prairie, Waite Park, Maple Grove, Edina, Roseville and Woodbury, with a team of brokers and customer service representatives covering the entire state of Minnesota.

“We are a true brokerage,” said Breitenfeldt. “We work with multiple carriers to ensure our members have choices available to best fit their individual situation. We don’t work for one insurance company. We work for you. We analyze your complete insurance needs and shop for you. One of the first big lessons I learned in selling insurance is, you can’t serve everyone properly if you are captive to one company. One size does not fit all.”

The Breitenfeldt Group team will help members compare premium costs and benefits, networks, prescription drug plans and pharmacy options to make sure the path you select will work best for you.

When a concern or question comes up, no need to call the insurance companies or make a trip to the Social Security office. Just call Breitenfeldt Group.

“Calling insurance companies can be a painful process,” said Breitenfeldt. “We work with our members so that they do not need to contact the insurance company.”

Getting people on the right path is just the first step. Each fall, Breitenfeldt does an annual review on every policy to make sure their members are getting the most effective Medicare and prescription plan possible.

Dennis Breitenfeldt Quote

Dennis Breitenfeldt launched Breitenfeldt Group in Long Prairie in 1990. Breitenfeld Group, now owned by Gravie, is providing members across the state with a roadmap to Medicare. Photo by Jim Palmer

“We run our members’ prescription list every fall against all the companies in the state, and we let them know what their options are,” said Breitenfeldt. “It is one thing that most companies do not do for their members. It is one of the things that really separates us from others. Prescription plans should be reviewed every year. And if they haven’t been, you should call someone like us. A lot of people will set it and forget it, and that is never a winning strategy.”

Examining the options each year is important, he said, because the options change each year.

“The consumers have an opportunity to make changes, but so do the insurance companies,” he said. “We act as a facilitor so you know exactly what you have in the current year.”

A critical part of the review process, he said, is having it done by an independent organization like Breitenfeldt Group.

“The plan should be reviewed every year by an independent source… not someone who sells for only one company,” he said. “Other agents are selling car, home, auto insurance, and they dabble in Medicare. We focus exclusively on the products and extra services so people don’t have anything to worry about.”

The formula for Breitenfeldt Group’s success has been the same since it first opened its doors in 1990 — helping members with the roadmap to Medicare. The formula isn’t changing, but the ownership of Breitenfeldt had changed. Earlier this year, Breitenfeldt Group, previously owned by Dennis Breitenfeldt, was acquired by Gravie, a health benefits marketplace business based in Minneapolis. Gravie was established in 2013 and works exclusively to assist individuals and businesses in comparison shopping for health care plans.

“Gravie has a better focus on the under 65 market, and they take a technology and consumer-oriented approach,” said Breitenfeldt. “With their expertise in that area, and our experience in Medicare, we will be able to bring best-in-class solutions to Medicare-eligible folks across the country.”

The ownership change has not altered the way Breitenfeldt Group helps its members, but it has enhanced the customer experience, said Breitenfeldt.

What is the cost to have your own personal guide walking you through the process? Nothing. All services by Breitenfeldt Group are given to the members at no charge.

“We will never send you a bill,” said Breitenfeldt. “With medical insurance, it costs exactly the same and does exactly the same thing whether you buy it from the company or a group of people like we have here who know what they are doing. We receive a small compensation from the insurance company for signing you up, but we do not charge for our services. It costs the same, and it does the same for the member, so who do you want on your side? We have the plans, we have the people, and there is no charge or fee for our services. People almost always think that we must charge extra, but we don’t.”

“We have built our reputation over the years and that will not change,” he said.

Those who are eligible for Medicare for the first time, are within a year or two of Medicare age, would like to change plans or need help understanding the Medicare benefits, contact Breitenfeldt Group toll free at 1-877-732-9800. For more information, visit

“It is never too early to get a roadmap to Medicare,” said Breitenfeldt. “If it is on your mind, it is on our mind. We can offer the peace of mind of knowing what to do and when to do it.”

Open enrollment for Medicare runs Oct. 15-Dec. 7, 2017.

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