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Little Crow Shooting Sports is a family-oriented gun shop just north of Hutchinson

Jim Condon, owner of Little Crow Shooting Sports for 29 years, takes pride in the service they provide their customers. Above, Condon helps a couple customers with questions on a particular gun. Photo by Scott Thoma

Chances are that if you enter the Little Crow Shooting Sports in Hutchinson with a question about guns, you won’t leave without the answer you were looking for.

Jim Condon has owned the business for the past 29 years and has learned a thing or two about guns. He first went into business with John Arhart and the two built a promising business together until Arhart passed away in 2006. Jim is now the sole owner, while his daughter, Katie, has worked for the business for the past 14 years. Justin Klejeski has been is a full-time employee for the past 12 years, and Ethan Stubson helps out on a part-time basis.

“We stress that this is a family-oriented business,” said Condon. “We take a lot of pride in this business and we want to help our customers with anything they are looking for.”

And that type of assistance is why Little Crow Shooting Sports has so many repeat customers.

“I bought my first gun from (Little Crow Shooting Sports) 16 years ago when I was in high school and I’ve been going there ever since,” said Charlie Noreen of Winthrop. “They could have just thought I was some kid in high school and not try to help me. But Jim took the time to help me find exactly what I was looking for.”

Condon became interested in guns when he went to work in a gun shop in Excelsior when he was in high school. He later went to a school of trades for Gunsmithing in Denver. He’s been involved in the trade ever since.

Owner Jim Condon with his wide selection of guns and accessories at Little Crow Shooting Sports. The gun shop carries guns, ammo, accessories and much more. They pride themselves on top end customer service. Little Crow Shooting Sports is located just north of Hutchinson on Highway 15. Photo by Scott Thoma

“I still enjoy it a lot,” he said. “A lot of the people that come here have been customers for a long time and have become friends.”

What sets this place apart from many other gun shops is that it’s a hand-on business.

“Most places like this don’t allow you to touch the guns on you own,” explained Condon. “You will walk in and ask where a certain gun is and they will point you in the direction and you can look at them and that’s it. Here, we allow you to handle the guns and get a feel for them. Customers like that a lot better.”

Little Crow has nearly everything a gun enthusiast or collector would want. And if they don’t have it, it’s a good bet they can find it for you.

“We want our customers to leave here satisfied,” said Jim Condon. “So we work with them to try and locate exactly what they are looking for.”

Little Crow Shooting Sports is located just north of Hutchinson on Highway 15. Photo by Scott Thoma

When Condon and Arhart first began their partnership, the business was housed in a 12’ x 18’ structure. But over time, the business grew into its current 3,500 square foot building. The business was able to flourish because of their knowledge of guns and their concern for customer satisfaction.

“If they don’t have it in stock, they will help you find it,” said Noreen. “I’m involved in SASS (Single Action Shooting Society), an old-west type of organization. So the guns I’m looking for are rare. But Jim will get on the internet or the phone and try to locate what I’m looking for. And they get you the things at a fair price.”

Not only does Little Crow Sports sell guns, but they will buy and trade guns, too.

“Someone might have an old gun at home that they want to get rid of,” said Condon. “We’ll take just about anything and try to give everyone a fair deal. Making the customers happy is what it’s about. They will keep coming back if you treat them right.”

Left, a customer looks over the large selection of guns at Little Crow Shooting Sports. Unlike some gun shops, he is able to get a good feel for the gun instead of looking at it from a distance. Little Crow Shooting Sports has a wide variety of top-brand guns and accessories. Photo by Scott Thoma

Little Crow Shooting Sports’ inventory includes around 800 top-brand firearms on the floor, as well as ammunition and gun accessories such as suppressors, scopes, targets, and cleaning kits.

They even sell a full line of various-sized safes and vaults to keep your gun and ammunition locked up when not in use.

“We have safes that are portable for a vehicle or as big as one that will hold 70 guns,” said Katie.

Little Crow Shooting Sports also appraises guns. And they offer full gunsmithing, dealer-to-dealer, and private-to-dealer transfers, as well as tips and advice on just about anything you can throw their way.

“We’re a full-service gun shop,” Condon said proudly.

Little Crow Shooting Sports is located on Highway 15 north of Hutchinson. They are open Monday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Tuesday-Friday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. For more information, call 320-587-9829 or visit their website at

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