April 2021 Photo Gallery

One fall, Bonnie Sayers, of West Fargo, ND, watched these horses near White Earth.

A black bee collected pollen, last summer, in Lowry. Photo taken by Wayne Chan.

Lucy, the spitfire chihuahua, is always a handful. Donna Kemmer, of Fargo, caught her for a photo during a rare calm moment.

A couple of brother-in-laws enjoying the view of Lake Vermillion. Sent in by Inez Anderson, of New London.

A year ago, while Sue Taylor was overwintering, she saw great blue heron mates, also overwintering, and building their nest together in Rockport, Texas. Hundreds of the birds working in the treetops.

Teresa Grangruth had a visit from a deer friend in Menahga. Her friend stayed for a light snack of birdseed before saying goodbye.

Watching the outflow pour over a dam near Erhard. Photo by Roger Goettsch, of Moorhead.

During the before time (pre-COVID-19), Eileen Bayer, of Morris, enjoyed this orchid while in Montego Bay.

A close look at Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming from Gail Kloos, of Donnelly.

Watching cardinals from her window was fun for Jen Bergerson, and her cats, last year in Morris.

Eileen Hanson, found a robin feeding its babies, last year in Alexandria during May.

Donna Erickson watched the winter sun move through these ice coated trees last year, near Evansville.

An oriole constructing its nest. Photo by Al Batt, of Hartland.

Egrets, photographed by Char Bjornson, at Adams Park in Fergus Falls, as they were preparing for nesting season.

Looks like it is corn on the cob for dinner tonight and this squirrel is just fine with that. Shared by DeVonne Koppenberg, in St. Cloud.

One-year-old Katie Litke, is ready for distance learning along with her sisters. Shared by Grandpa Terry Litke, of Dawson.

Brenda Kotasek got a close look at this cardinal sunning itself in her yard, near Saint Peter, early last year.

A backyard sunset in Colfax township, near Sibley State Park. Sent in by Caroline Otteson.

How much oil could a woodchuck check, if a woodchuck could check oil? Shared by Arnie Borchert, of Sauk Rapids.

Have you spotted any crocuses yet this spring? Catherine Craddock found these, already blooming in her Mankato garden in early April 2020.

Ron Ploeger enjoyed fishing at sunset, on Star Lake near Litchfield, last fall.

Just in time for Easter, Kristie Flachmeyer shares a multicolored sunrise she found in Cokato during March.

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