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‘Everyone has been so great here’

Brookside Senior Living to open this fall, expand its services

Residents enjoy activities several times during the school year with students from a local elementary school. Contributed photo

Residents at Augustana Care’s Brookside Senior Living in Montevideo have been watching with interest as its new community is currently being constructed right next door.

Brookside’s new state-of-the-art building is expected to be completed by September and will feature a range of amenities that add vitality to life.

“I’m really excited about it,” said Marvis Ketelsen, who has been a resident of Brookside for two years. “It’s a lot of fun to watch them build it. And it’s going to be even more fun to live in it.”

The staff at Brookside has opened two vacant apartments to allow residents a chance to watch their new home being built whenever they choose to.

The Brookside Senior Living complex is managed by Augustana Care, which helps older adults live the lives that most inspire them. The new community will be a 61,000-square foot three-story building.

Kari Huntley serves as the housing manager at Brookside in Montevideo.

“People can choose from 57 apartments,” said Brookside Housing Manager Kari Huntley. “There will be 47 apartments for independent living with services and 10 memory care suites. The memory care suites will be secured and staffed 24 hours a day.”

Currently, Brookside does not offer memory care; something the staff feels is vital.

“We want couples to be able to stay together, and offering memory care within our independent setting will allow that to happen,” Huntley said.

Brookside’s philosophy regarding memory care is to partner with residents to maximize their skills and abilities. The goal of this partnership is to encourage independence, enjoyment and success.

“We want to make life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible,” Huntley noted. “It’s important to both residents and their families.”

Focusing on abilities, versus disabilities, will allow trained staff members at Brookside to provide an empowering setting.

Brookside has served nearly 1,000 residents in the community and surrounding area for 52 years.

“We just moved here a month ago,” said Tom Holen, a former barber in Montevideo, along with his wife June. “Everyone has been so great here. They are all so friendly and helpful.”

“We are very satisfied here,” said June Holen. “It’s been exciting to watch the new place being built. I can’t believe how fast they are getting it done. “

Construction continues on the new state-of-the-art building in Montevideo. The new community is expected to open this fall.

Current residents, as well as future residents, will soon be able to enjoy larger spaces when they move into the new Brookside Senior Living building.

“Apartments at Brookside will be increasing in overall size, and the entire building will be more handicap accessible,” said Huntley. “The memory care suites will also be very accommodating, each with a private bathroom.”

Each room will include a washer and dryer, rather than a central location where everyone shares the appliances. There will also be a beauty salon, a spa room, activity room, and wellness center for exercise.

“We want to anticipate people’s changing needs and be there for them when they need us,” Huntley said.

Apartments will include a private bathroom with “walk-in” shower, kitchen with full-sized appliances, washer and dyer, Wi-Fi throughout the community, cable television, private phone line and much more.

Brookside also offers health care services such as an initial health care assessment and ongoing monitoring; 24-hour urgency response and individual pendant; vital signs checked monthly; weekly housekeeping; access to licensed nursing staff seven days a week; and a registered nurse on call 24 hours a day. A medical clinic and hospital are nearby.

“We also have an ‘I’m OK’ check daily with our residents,” Huntley said.

Brookside serves popular and nutritious food for its meals, and residents have had few complaints.

Brookside provides seasonal activities and special meals for their residents. Contributed photo

“We have a wonderful culinary services department here at Brookside. We are striving every day to meet the dietary needs of our residents as well as continuing to offer a variety of menu options,” said Huntley

Brookside offers three meals per day to its residents, 365 days per year.

“The food is great here,” said Tom Holen.

“Very good food,” echoed his wife, June.

Residents also enjoy the quiet neighborhood where they can engage in activities they enjoy.

“Everyone is very accommodating here,” said Ketelsen. “I didn’t like to be alone so I moved here, and I’m so glad I did.”

“I like that I can do as I please,” said Ruby M. Olson.“I like to work on crafts, and I can do that anytime I want. And it’s so quiet here, even with my windows open.”

Olson is also one of the resident council committee members that meet to discuss any concerns or ideas the residents might have.

A group of residents at Brookside gather to discuss current events.

“Our resident council meets on behalf of all of our residents,” Huntley explained. “If there are any issues to bring up, we take care of it at the council meetings. We discuss everything from new activity ideas to food service likes and dislikes, new recipe ideas, and monthly updates on construction.”

In addition, residents can enjoy a variety of scheduled group activities and programs such as parties, spiritual gatherings, exercises, music and more.

Once the new community is completed, the current building will be razed, and the space will be used for parking, as well as various outdoor activities for the residents, and include gardens, patio areas, and a wandering path.

For detailed information about Brookside, contact Kari Huntley at 320-269-6506 or email

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