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Feeling Good, Looking Good—How to hide imperfections


When you have imperfections on your skin, try this technique to hide the issue...without looking obvious.

First, always begin in the center of the area that you are concerned about. Now, with a light touch, begin to fade and blend outward in a “target’’ method. This will allow the product to stay in the area where the flaw is more prevalent. As you begin blending, you now will see the area with the flaws begin to become less obvious. This technique also works well for any dark shadows, on the lower lid. I like to apply this step first -- building your base from there.

I suggest either a cover stick (with more of a wax base) or a pot concealer (this has a higher viscosity). Either product should be a few shades lighter than your skin tone.

If you are in a hurry, you can use a little extra liquid or cream foundation to the area of concern. Small amounts of any product works best. It is much easier to add to your made-up look instead of trying to blend too much make-up.

It is always a great suggestion to finish the concealer with a very minute amount of a soft powder. This assures you that the makeup will be set, last throughout the day, and even well into the night!

Carroll is a former makeup artist in the Twin Cities, who began the trend of makeup artists in salons in that area. She was known as the “Queen of Cosmetics” during her illustrious 35-year career, making up the women of society, politics and the everyday working woman. She now resides near Glenwood (Baycrest) with her husband of 34 years, along with two standard poodles. She has grown sons who live in Minneapolis.

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