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Getting a leg up on foot care

    You might call Amy Eustis and Kathy Hochsprung the foot soldiers of McLeod County. Because every week these two LPNs from the McLeod County Public Health Services are marching and taking care of the feet of senior citizens throughout McLeod County. They are part of the McLeod County Foot Care and Toenail Clinics that was started at the turn of the century — 13 years ago. They don’t go by foot but they have set up nine clinics throughout McLeod County including five in Hutchinson, and one in Glencoe, Silver Lake, Stewart and Winsted. This vital service is open to senior citizens, 55 and over or if a person has a handicapping condition who is younger than 55. The client’s toenails are clipped, smoothed and then massaged with a special lotion. When they are done, the customer receives a packet of foot care soap compliments of McLeod County Public Health. Because a lot of seniors cannot reach their toes or have transportation to go to a specialist, they need to have someone come to their area and nurture their feet. There is a charge of $20 for this service, but it is less than if they had to see a podiatrist and pay for transportation to get to their clinic. The price hasn’t changed for five years. “Amy and Kathy are angels,” said Lorraine Kohler, who lives at the Linden Wood Apartments in Winsted. “They do a very good job, and it tickles when they use a Dremel tool to smooth the edge of the nails,” Kohler said. “The massage is the best part, and they could do this every day,” she chuckled. Sarah Grindeland, site manager for the Linden Wood Apartments, said Amy and Kathy do a very good job. They care about their customers, and if this service wasn’t available, it would be hard on the seniors because they would have to see a podiatrist or doctor, and they would have to arrange for a ride. Another resident of the Linden Wood Apartments, Louie Kraus said, “it’s difficult to walk when my toenails get too long, and it feels like I am walking on air when they are done massaging my feet.” Kraus gets his feet done every two months because it is something he cannot do by himself. Leonardo da Vinci said the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. That’s how the people at the McLeod County Foot Care and Toenail Clinics see it and aim to provide the best treatment they can for the senior citizens of McLeod County.

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