‘I pride myself on customer service’

Buying? Selling? Rolf can be your personal guide

Tammy Rolf is passionate about helping people buy and sell their homes. “It’s very rewarding to see how happy they are when they get their house sold and move into their dream home,” said Rolf. Contributed photo

Tammy Rolf’s outgoing personality fits perfectly with her job as a real estate agent with Counselor Realty in Hutchinson.

Immediately after sitting down with her, a potential client feels comfort and trust as they prepare to make one of the most important decisions of their life.

“Tammy is an absolutely amazing real estate agent,” said Nan Crary, who purchased a home in Hutchinson recently. “In four short months, she helped me move from a vague idea about my future home, from the sale of my home, to purchase a perfect setting for me. Amazing!”

Tammy also takes special care to assist seniors in buying and selling a home.

“I initially set up an in-home consultation to discuss how I can help them achieve their goal of buying or selling,” she said. “I offer such services as staging, packing and interior design consultation. Whatever I can do to make the transition easier for them.”

Whether it’s selling their home, purchasing a new home, or both, Tammy’s clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire about their experience with the entire process. The positive comments are overwhelming.

“Tammy made it very stress-free and easy for me to sell my home,” said Geraldine Wriedt. “I really appreciated her services.”

One of the main reasons Tammy got into the real estate industry nearly four years ago is that it gave her a chance to help others.

“I love working with people,” she said. “I owned and operated The Sanctuary Day Spa for 16 years. I’ve always wanted to do real estate, but I wanted to wait until my kids graduated from high school. I closed the spa doors in May 2016 and now pursue real estate full time.”

With the weather warming up in Minnesota, many people are talking about buying and selling right now. Whether you are a first-time buyer or seller, or you have been through the process before, Tammy is ready to assist you in any way she can.

Geraldine Wriedt (left) and Tammy Rolf (right) after Wriedt purchased a home with Rolf as her agent. Contributed photo

“I will sit down with the client and listen to what they want and need,” she said. “By listening to them and asking questions, I can find out what type of a house will fit their needs and their budget.”

“I pride myself on my customer service,” said Tammy, “I really do enjoy my job, and I want to make people happy. It’s very rewarding to see how happy they are when they get their house sold and move into their dream home.”

After Tammy talks to the client, she then assists them by finding a lender of their choosing.

“Once they select a lender, I talk to that lender for the client,” she said. “I try to take away as much stress from the client as possible. I know it’s a very stressful time for them. I’ll go to bat for my clients.”

After it’s determined what type of lending program the client will have and what type of home fits into their budget, Tammy begins searching for homes that are on the market in those parameters.

“I usually get a good idea after looking at the first house because they will let me know the things they like or don’t like about the house,” she said.

Tammy is relentless is doing what she can to help someone sell or buy a home.

“Tammy went way out of her way to help us,” said Bethany and Jeff Michel, who recently hired Rolf to sell their hobby farm in Hutchinson and then find a suitable home for them in the city.

“We had kind of a unique situation trying to sell a hobby farm because that’s not like selling a home. You have to find a particular buyer for a hobby farm. Tammy did everything she could to find a buyer. And then she helped us find a home we liked in town. We had a very positive overall experience.”

One service that Tammy can provide to help with the moving process is packing.

I started offering this service where I will go to their home and help them pack their belongings for them.”

And she can also stage a home to make it look attractive for a potential buyer.

As a stager, Tammy will hang pictures, arrange furniture and add simple touches that can make a home look more inviting.

In addition, Tammy also offers the service of interior design consultant.

Besides buying and selling homes, Tammy Rolf of Counselor Realty also offers other services, including interior design consultation, packing up items prior to a move and staging a home. Photo by Scott Thoma

“If they are looking for advice, I will help them pick out colors of paint for the walls or flooring,” she said. “Anything I can do to help them making the transition of moving easier, I will do it.”

Tammy has also conducted first-time home buyer seminars and is planning more in the future.

“I will do my best to make my client’s buying and selling experience as easy as possible,” she said.

Tammy’s office is located in Hutchinson, while her brokerage firm is located in Minnetonka. To contact her, call 320-582-1017 or email tammyrolf@counselorrealty.com. Or visit her on Facebook.

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