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Luxury, worry-free living right on beautiful Lake Minnewaska.

That would be a great way to describe The Pearl, a brand-new, 23-unit condominium in Glenwood.

The Pearl was recently completed, and units are now available. Each condo is fully customizable and features two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, a dining area, a spacious living, in unit laundry facilities and spectacular lakeshore views.

“You have everything you need to stay independent and live comfortably” said Brady Klick, of Centre Graphics, Inc., the company that constructed the project.

The Pearl has a heated pool, a community room, a community grilling area, an exercise room (with video-on-demand services), a storage area and a heated garage for each owner. It is also a secure facility with key fobs to gain access to rooms and the common areas. The key fobs are set so only the owner can gain access to his and her units and garage.

“The grass is mowed, the sidewalks are shoveled and swept, and you can drive right into your heated garage,” said Klick. “Natural gas grills are included, so you never need to replace a propane tank. We even wash the windows for you.”

“Everything is taken care of,” said Lance Bailey, director of operations.

The condos are brand new and can be fully customized. Contributed photo

The condos are brand new and can be fully customized. Contributed photo

Travel a lot? The Pearl is ideal for snowbirds and frequent travelers.

“If you want to leave for a couple months over the winter, you just shut the door and you can go,” said Klick. “You don’t have to worry about anything.”

The luxury and many perks of The Pearl condominiums are very nice, but what really separates it from other living options is the location.

“It is such a unique spot. Lake Minnewaska is a long lake and you can see the entire length of from The Pearl,” said Klick. “It almost feels like you are out on the bay, as you watch the sunset meet the water on the horizon. And in the morning, because of the location, the water is the brightest blue you will see on the lake.”

Lake Minnewaska is the 13th largest lake in Minnesota, and it is a regional destination for boating and fishing. The Pearl has marina slips available right outside its doors, a city fishing pier a block away, a public swimming beach a short walk away and DNR lake access less than a mile down the road.

“There is very good fishing on the lake, and even better recreational opportunities” said Bailey.

The Pearl is unique because of its proximity to Glenwood. It is located right in city limits, so it is just a short walk to restaurants and bars, the grocery store, the clinic, shops and the rest of downtown.

The Pearl condominiums are located right on Lake Minnewaska in Glenwood. Contributed photo

The Pearl condominiums are located right on Lake Minnewaska in Glenwood. Contributed photo

“It is a beautiful town situated down in the valley, protected on three sides, and right on Lake Minnewaska,” said Klick. “We are right next to the Lakeside Ballroom and have the city park right next door for kids. It is really the perfect spot.”

There are two golf courses just a few miles away, and a handful more within 20 miles of Glenwood. An upscale hotel (GrandStay) is located across the street, and the Dairy Queen is just a half block away.

“It is a nice, small town with good churches, great schools, great golf courses, a great hospital and no traffic,” said Bailey. “It has a lot of things, but for the things we don’t have in Glenwood it is just a 15 minute drive to Alexandria, one of the fastest growing cities in Minnesota.”

Glenwood is located two hours from the Twin Cities and Fargo, and an hour to St. Cloud.

For more information about owning or renting at The Pearl or to schedule a visit, call Lance Bailey at (320) 634-4342 or email lanceb@klickfoundation.org. For more information on the condos, go to www.pearl.condos. Units will be available on a first-come, first serve basis.


Larry and Ann Stensrud have been very happy with their choice to move into The Pearl. Both worked all of their adult life and enjoy the worry-free living. Photo by Jim Palmer

Larry and Ann Stensrud have been very happy with their choice to move into The Pearl. Both worked all of their adult life and enjoy the worry-free living. Photo by Jim Palmer

Ann and Larry Stensrud have been married for nearly 54 years. They started out in a small apartment in Clarkfield and then were able to buy a farm nearby.

“I farmed all my life, and Ann worked all her life except for a short time when the kids were young,” said Larry.

As they neared retirement, the Stensruds considered several living options. But when they heard plans about The Pearl condominiums, they knew they had discovered the right spot for them.

“We were the first people to sign up,” said Ann. “It is so nice.”

“It has been a great move,” said Larry.

The Stensruds were able to fully customize their unit, from floor to ceiling.

“Ann took about a half a day picking everything out,” said Larry. “Then about three to four weeks later, we were able to move in.”

Ann and Larry said it didn’t take too long to appreciate the no-maintenance living. They also enjoy the spectacular view.

“We often sit out on our deck and watch the sunset,” said Ann.

And when the sun sets, Larry often strolls down to the heated pool to relax.

“I love the pool,” said Larry. “It is set at 90 degrees, and I use it at least two or three times a week.”

The location is also a big plus.

“I like the idea that we can walk anywhere we want to if we want to. And of course, Dairy Queen is right next door. I asked Lance (Bailey) if we could install a zip line from here to Dairy Queen but apparently that wasn’t an option,” Larry joked.

The Stensruds spent most of their life in Clarkfield, but started coming to Glenwood after Ann’s mother (now age 95) moved to Ridgewood Villa in Glenwood years ago. Ann and Larry’s son, Kirk, came to Glenwood and became CEO of Glacial Ridge Health Systems, and Ann ran her Scandinavian gift shop, The Valley Troll, in Granite Falls for nearly 20 years, and opened a new location in Glenwood in 2007. She closed the Granite Falls location in 2009 and ran the one in Glenwood until just a couple of years ago when she sold the store and retired.

They picked Glenwood not only because of the connection with their family, but because of the beauty of the town, and the people.

“There are so many nice people here,” said Ann. “We got to know many people when we had the shop in town and so that made this an easy decision.”

The Stensruds were also encouraged by improvements made around Glenwood in recent years, with new businesses, beautification efforts and the approval of an upcoming street project that includes new streets, new utilities and the extension of a bike trail through town.

“Glenwood is really the best kept secret in the area,” said Ann. “It really is.”

The Stensruds have been impressed with how quiet and peaceful the condos are, how easy it was to downsize from their large farmhouse, and how easy the transition was to a condo.

“Lance and Brady have been wonderful to work with,” said Ann. “This place is so nice. I have no complaints. It is impossible to complain about anything, really. It is just amazing.”

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