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June 2021 Photo Gallery

Kathy Damstrom shares some turkey tail mushrooms she found in April, while searching at Lake Carlos State Park, near Alexandria.

Barry Anderson and Zig, clowning around with mom, at Waterama in Glenwood to take home 2nd prize back in 1987. Shared by Joyce Anderson.

House finches showed up on Theresa Grangruth’s backyard feeders, in Menahga. About 30 of the birds hung around for almost a week in April. Theresa thought they would eat her out of birdhouse and home.

Ma, Pa and the kids checked out a garage sale next to Lake Winona, in Alexandria, last year. Taken by Sue Peterson.

A hungry rose-breasted grosbeak visited Mary Jane Skurat’s feeder in Villard.

Some birds were migrating through early this year. John Pfeiffer caught a picture of this one in New Ulm before it flew off on April 1st.

DeeAnna Tuttle knew a perfect spring had sprung when she saw the goslings out and about with their parents in Fergus Falls.

Out for his first springtime walk, 11-month-old Benson Headley stopped to observe his shadow. Submitted by great-grandmother Doris Dallmann, of Marshall.

David Tollefson flew his drone up 100 feet before sunset in the middle of May to get this aerial view of the farm.

On day when Elaine Willenbring went to open her door in Richmond, she was surprised to find a little green doorman waiting to help.

A newborn fawn was found resting by Kathy Garberich, this May, in her Lake Lillian front yard.

After waiting years to get an upclose and personal view of a pileated woodpecker in town, in Franklin, Rebecca Deming was delighted to finally see them at her suet feeders, both in front and in back of the house.

A pheasant roosted in Donna Shepersky’s tree near the feeder, in Litchfield.

Carolyn Enstad, from Walnut Grove, found a new lawn service company that uses their own equipment and has reasonable rates.

Jan Beltrand, of Becker, found this cardinal who flew into a window and knocked himself out. He was brought into the porch to recover, then released back into the wild.

Kitt waited on his favorite pillow for the TV movie to start. Unfortunately this movie lover has been told he will still not be allowed in theatres whether masked or not. Photo by DeVonne Koppenberg, of St. Cloud.

Sunset in Wisconsin. Taken by Arnie Borchert, now of Sauk Rapids.

Out of her back patio in Buffalo, Yvonne O’Brien thought it was a sure sign of spring when a mother robin made her nest in a planter. Yvonne can’t wait for the baby birds to peek their heads out the top of the planter so she can get watch.

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