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June 2023 Photo Gallery

“This male red-bellied woodpecker stuck a tongue out nearly 2 inches past the end of its beak. The tip is barbed and the bird’s spit is sticky, making eating grape jelly a snap,” says Al Batt, of Hartland.

Muriel Coulter, of Tracy, watched as someone climbed up these colorful steps at the outdoor market in Kusadadi, Turkey.

His wife asked Dan Markell, of Marshall, “Why aren’t we getting any birds or squirrels at our sunflower seed feeder?” Now Dan can see why.

Lots of tulips, even some doubles, at Anderson Gardens near Lake Ripley. Captured by Kristie Flachmeyer, of Litchfield.

Near the entrance of an apartment building, DeVonne Koppenberg of Rockford, found a painted turtle in need of rescue last August. She brought the little turtle to a nearby pond where it disappeared into the reeds and weeds.

Ava VanderBeek, from Eden Valley, thinks the sky is magnificent, showing its beauty in a different way each day.

The ice finally left Pelican Lake, in Stearns County, on April 25, and Joseph Lang, St. Anna, didn’t waste any time getting the dock in.

Springtime in the Arizona desert is full of blooms. Photo shared by Carolyn Enstad, of Walnut Grove.

This American white pelican—who was having a bad hair day—was soon to be flying north from Kingsland, Texas for the summer. Shared by Sue Taylor, soon to be back to Hitterdal, MN.

Rabbits were able to gnaw at branches high on this tree, in Tintah, MN, due to all the snow last winter. Shared by Kat Becker.

The northern lights put on a show for Elizabeth Humbert over Evansville, MN, in late April.

Even early in spring, Pipestone National Monument has beautiful walking trails where you can watch the water flowing, according to Gail Kloos, of Donnelly, MN.

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