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Kandiyohi County Historical Society Logo Chosen

The winner of the Kandiyohi County Historical Society Logo Contest is LeAnn Atchison of Willmar, MN. The winner was chosen in October by the society’s membership at the Annual Meeting. Each contestant was given the option to give a brief explanation of their design.

Here is Ms. Atchison’s description: “In my logo, I wanted to include a design of a book and its pages to represent “collecting, preserving and telling the story of Kandiyohi County and its people.” I included a design of a train which is an important element of the Kandiyohi County Museum and also the County’s history. The strand of wheat represents the County’s important history with agriculture. The waves of the pages represent the new things to come and the lakes of Kandiyohi County. The silhouettes of the various figures represent the people of Kandiyohi County.”

The Kandiyohi County Historical Society would like to thank everyone who participated in the Logo Contest! Visit the KCHS website here.

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