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March 2023 Photo Gallery

Below the Lake Carlos dam, on the Long Prairie River, on a frosty January day, Karen Blom watched a swan trying to convince its friends where to go.

January left winter cotton ball’s on all the trees in Donnelly, which Gail Kloos found beautiful.

Arnie Borchert, of Sauk Rapids, captured proof that bears can’t read.

Creative Christina Chan shared this view of Minnewashta Regional Park, near the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

These enormous hands belong to Grace Picka’s dad, Joe Turek, who was a farmer for over 60 years. He lived in New Prague all his life and died at the age of 95.

A gaggle of Canada geese on Lake Michigan peacefully took off while in front of LeAnn Werner, of Winthrop, during October. She always loves watching geese.

Dennis Sulflow shot a flock of avocets, with his camera, as they rested on a road within Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge, near Great Falls, Montana, last June.

Joanna Jara, of Raymond, went to the Mall of America Aquarium with her husband and others for her birthday because she likes fish. It was challenging to photograph the fast moving sea life, but she had a lot of fun doing it.

Dain Dahlke took in the view at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone while on vacation.

This Epiphyllum oxypetalum ‘Mark Twain’ only blooms once a year, and at night, for Illa Abel in Lowry, but this queen of the night is worth the trouble. Left: Evening of July 22, 2021 at 6:45 p.m., almost ready to bloom. Center: Early the next morning, 3:29 a.m. in bloom. Right: By 7:09 a.m. all the flowers were spent.

Eileen Helmstetter is enjoying the snow blossoms while she waits for spring in New London.

In Buffalo, North Dakota, Percy spends his free time reading. Shared by Cynthia Berget.

On a cruise to South America, Dale Dietel, of Waconia, enjoyed a little bird watching.

After a big rain last July, this little doggie sat under a rainbow near Opole, which reminded Jeremy Litchy that summer and warm weather would be around for a little while yet (and is coming soon...)

A frosty American flag, and trees, standing in the cold in Sauk Centre at Gene Imdieke’s place this winter.

Looks like it is on water, but this dragonfly landed on John Pfeiffer’s windshield last year in New Ulm.

In her Princeton front yard, Madelyn Wood’s kitty, Tolo, followed her outside to look at the new December snow when a big snowflake landed on his back.

This big boy was sighted near Lake Villard by Mary Jane Skurat.

It was only January when the picture on the right was taken of the drifts in Jan Beyerl’s backyard, in Clara City.

Jan Beyerl’s backyard, in Clara City, shows the same spot from summer.

Megan Anderson, in Fergus Falls, says her cat, Romey, is patiently waiting for the teacher to come and start lessons.

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