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October 2023 Photo Gallery

Here are Brooklyn and Beau Buchert with Grandpa Dan Markell and supervisor Cooper ready to mow the lawn near Marshall.

Little hummingbird resting on Marveen Drill’s clothesline in New Ulm. He appears to be fattening up for the long migration ahead of him.
Evelyn DeSmet of St. Joseph, Minn., caught this 29-inch walleye on Devils Lake in North Dakota in late August and released it back into the lake.

This tall white bird with a yellow bill, black legs, and a long S-curved neck, the egret, actually neared extinction at the beginning of the 20th century due to market hunting. The egret’s feather plumes were used to adorn women’s hats back then. Photo by Al Batt of Heartland Minn.

Griffen and Gianna were excited to take a photo with a baby calf at Great Grandma Vouk’s farm. These adorable photos were sent in by Donna Vouk of St. Joseph, Minn. and taken by Rachelle Stephenson.

Teresa Sanoski roadtripped to Antelope Canyon in Northern Arizona. She got to see the fantastic colors of a slot canyon. Only a few weeks before she was there, that canyon had been filled with five feet of water after a rain.

Grammy Rosey Esala sent in these fun photos of her grandkids enjoying fishing on Rush Lake in Ottertail.

Ron Cram of Canby went to the butterfly exhibit in Sioux Falls in late August. He was able to capture this close-up of an Owl butterfly.

Deb and Wayne Huettl from Mankato got to see a tufted puffin at the Alaska Animal Rescue Center in Alaska this past July while on their retirement celebration trip.

Shirley Markegard of Canby Minn. sent in a photo of this festive Halloween decor from last October. Happy Halloween!

Sue Taylor of Hitterdahl got to see monarchs resting on her trees for two days before they moved on. What a sight to see!

Terry Duhn of Glenwood was eating lunch one August afternoon when a young eagle decided to join him. The eagle landed on his dock with his own fish lunch in hand. What a sight!

Tina Luberts saw a beautiful family of swans in the pond behind her house one June evening.

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