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‘Our patients are very important to us’

Dental Health Services is a hygiene-based dental office where clients come first

Looking for a dental office that can offer professional, specialized and gentle care and still maintain a friendly, hometown atmosphere? Dental Health Services, of Glenwood, is the perfect destination for you and your teeth.

“We can cover most all of the different aspects of dental care,” said Dr. Scott Ringdahl, D.D.S. Those restorative services include crowns and bridges, dental implants, extractions, state-of-the-art root canals, dentures, braces, teeth whitening, snoring appliances, nitrous oxide sedation, cosmetic treatment and emergency treatment. Dr. Ringdahl, a native of Wheaton, and wife, Kandis, moved to the Glenwood area in 1991. He owned a growing practice in Forest Lake for three years, then the opportunity arose to sell that practice and buy Dental Health Services.

“My boys were young, and I looked at Glenwood and thought ‘This will be a great place to raise my kids,’” he said. “And it was.”

He started small. The office was open three days a week, and his staff included a dental hygienist, a dental assistant and a receptionist.

Dr. Ringdahl and his team started to develop the practice, one patient at a time. Dental Health Services has grown every year since. In 1999, after outgrowing his former office, Dr. Ringdahl built a new modern office on top of the hill in Glenwood (1616 Franklin Street North).

A few months later, Dr. Jeremy Myrom, D.D.S., joined the team. Dr. Myrom is a native of Chaska, but spent many weekends growing up visiting family in Starbuck, forming a strong connection to the area. When the opportunity arose to practice in Glenwood, he jumped at the chance.

“The activities I enjoy are all centered around this area, and my extended family came from this area, so at the time it was a pretty natural fit for me.”

With the new facility and the addition of Dr. Myrom, Dental Health Services flourished.

“We were almost instantly short on space,” said Dr. Ringdahl.

To accommodate the growing patient base, the office needed more treatment rooms. An addition on the east side of the facility was completed earlier this year.

Then this past summer, Dr. Alyssa Gullickson, D.D.S, a native of Glenwood, joined the team.

“She was actually a former patient of mine and was in the same grade as my youngest son,” said Dr. Ringdahl, “Dr. Gullickson brings a lot of good things to our office, including a warm smile and a laugh that is infectious. She is a breath of fresh air.”

The Dental Health Services team. Pictured in the middle are Dr Scott Ringdahl, Dr. Alyssa Gullickson and Dr. Jeremy Myrom. They are surrounded by dental hygienists, dental assistants and other team members. Photo by Lane Studio

The Dental Health Services team. Pictured in the middle are Dr Scott Ringdahl, Dr. Alyssa Gullickson and Dr. Jeremy Myrom. They are surrounded by dental hygienists, dental assistants and other team members. Photo by Lane Studio

Dr. Gullickson, who is the first female dentist in Pope County, had been practicing in Avon before coming back to Glenwood this summer with her husband, Scott, who is a Starbuck native, and their twins.

“I grew up here, but you don’t really realize how awesome Glenwood is until after you leave,” she said. “It is a really good place to live, and I am so excited for my kids to grow up here.”

Dr. Gullickson’s dad, Dr. Rod Brown of Glacial Ridge Health System, of Glenwood, was the first person to suggest dentistry as a possible profession.

“I always loved science,” she said. “My dad is in health care, and I considered that profession but wanted to do something different. He mentioned dentistry, and I just fell in love with it.”

Each of the dentists has different specialties, different backgrounds and complimentary ideas on dental care.

“We all bring something to the table,” said Dr. Ringdahl. “For me, as a solo practitioner for many years, it is nice to be able to bounce things off colleagues. We have experience in different areas and can consult with each other to provide the best care for the patient.”

“I think by having three here instead of one, it can increase the knowledge base for each of us,” said Dr. Myrom.

“And between the three of us, we can keep just about everything in-house,” said Dr. Gullickson. “We rarely need to refer out any services.”

Assisting the dentists is an experienced group of dental hygienists, assistants and support staff. For some people, going to the dentist can feel overwhelming and there is great anxiety associated with a dental visit. Each member of the Dental Health Services team works hard to make the clients feel comfortable, whether it is their first visit or their 100th.

“And we always try to keep the mood light,” said Dr. Ringdahl. “There is a lot of laughter that goes on around here.”

The size of Dental Health Services is large enough to provide high-end care, but small enough to allow relationships to form and grow stronger with each visit.

“We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our patients,” said Dr. Myrom. “We try to really get to know the patients, and it makes a difference. Without rapport, it’s difficult to gain someone’s trust. This is true in any business, but especially in a profession like dentistry. Many people feel anxious or vulnerable when they go to the dentist, and they’ll drive long distances to see a dentist once they’ve gained their trust.”

Taking care of each patient is why the practice has grown, according to the dentists.

“Our patients are very important to us,” said Dr. Ringdahl. “We thank our patients for being so loyal to us over the years.”

“And we always welcome new patients,” added Dr. Gullickson.

The quality of care received at Dental Health Services, according to the dentists, starts with the dental hygienists.

“This has always been a hygiene-based practice,” Ringdahl said. “We have some of the best hygienists in the area, and we are very happy to have them. They are exceptional. The patient starts there. We get the foundation healthy first and then any restorative dentistry we do will last a long time.”

Dental Implants

Dental Health Services works with dentures as well as dental implants. The dental implant is basically a screw that is placed in the bone that allows a dental prosthetic, such as a crown, to be attached to the screw and replace a missing tooth. They are mainly used to replace missing teeth, but dental implants can also be placed to help secure dentures for more stability.

“Since they are secured to the bone, those bottom dentures cannot move and will never fall out,” said Dr. Ringdahl. “They snap right in and are very secure. We can even sometimes adapt a current denture to those implants.”

Dr. Gullickson has worked extensively with dental implants and often hears from patients about how happy they are about them.

“I am happy to meet with patients to talk about options regarding implants,” said Dr. Gullickson.

Anti-Snoring Devices

More and more people are being diagnosed with sleep apnea, and many use a CPAP machine to help alleviate the problem. For those who are not able to sleep with the CPAP machine, a special dental anti-snoring device can also work well. Dr. Myrom said the devices are effective in preventing snoring and can be prescribed from a physician and may qualify under medical insurance.


Dr. Myrom can fit patients with conventional braces, as well as clear braces utilizing the patented 6 Month Smiles technique.

The 6 Month Smiles technique is meant for adults who are unhappy, self-conscious or even embarrassed by their smile, said Myrom. The technique can be an effective, safe, and affordable alternative to porcelain crowns or veneers. “When friends and loved ones of these patients tell me about the difference I’ve made in their self-esteem, it is a very humbling and rewarding experience.”

The 6 Month Smiles program is designed for adults who are in need of braces because they are unhappy, self conscious or even embarrassed by their smile, said Myrom, adding that the program is an effective, safe and affordable solution.

Botox Treatments Coming Soon

For those dissatisfied with forehead lines and other facial wrinkles, Botox is considered a safe, effective way to treat aging skin. And Botox treatments are now being given at Dental Health.

“Botox injections will temporarily relax facial muscle contractions and eliminate wrinkles,” said Dr. Ringdahl. “Botox is an FDA-approved medicine injected into muscles to block the reception of nerve impulses and relax those muscles that create facial wrinkles.”

Botox can also target jaw muscles to reduce bruxism and clenching (TMJ) and alleviate headaches and migraine pain.

Smile Savers

There are a couple of primary reasons why people decide not to see a dentist. The top two are cost and fear. Dental Health Services works hard to make the patient comfortable to reduce the level of fear. And they are also working to make it more affordable for those who do not have dental insurance.

The Smile Savers Club is an in-house program designed to provide access to quality dental care at an affordable price. The program has two plans, an individual plan, which is $49 annually, and a family plan, which is $99 annually. As a member of the Smile Savers Club, patients will receive a 15 percent discount off all dental services.

“We wanted to offer something for those without dental insurance,” said Dr. Myrom. “That is a barrier for a lot of people. They believe if they don’t have dental insurance, they can’t afford to go to the dentist.

“And that 15 percent off can add up to big savings,” said Ringdahl, “and will far outweigh their annual fee.”

To learn about the Smile Savers Club or any of the dental services provided by Dental Health Services, visit their website, To make an appointment, call 320-634-3556 or email

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