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September 2021 Photo Gallery

This ruby-throated hummingbird thinks of itself as a food connoisseur, enjoying the finest juice of grape jelly provided by Al Batt, of Hartland.

A trumpeter swan family lives on Flora Lake, in Hitterdal. They walk across the road to the other side of the lake daily. Sue Taylor says it is always scary watching them cross the busy road but, luckily, they’ve been doing okay.

These old cars at the Becker County Fair, in Detroit Lakes, were found by Steven Steuck.

Theresa Grangruth, of Menahga, watched her husband, Darrell Grangruth, catch a nice 36 inch northern pike on an “area lake” recently.

Eggs in a robin nest, built on Gloria Stargel’s deck, in Nashua.

A tisket, a tasket, a kitty in a basket. Kirsta Siems’ cat, Lemmy is relaxing in Alexandria.

Big Stone Lake Sunset on June 20. Photo by Paulette Webb, of Ortonville.

David Tollefson used his drone to get a look at the wheat harvest, south of Starbuck, this summer.

Joellen Stave watched as Jeff finally figured out his hands free phone in the car. Sent in by Jeff Stave, of Brainerd.

This unusual little albino guy, along with a fox squirrel, were regulars at Junette Merchant’s feeder for about a month last February in Westbrook.

Sunset over Gloria Sovell’s farm in Ivanhoe.

Todd Fisher’s American Eskimo dog loves Genny Fischer’s Royal Ridge Holstein in Sleepy Eye.

Bernie Farnam, of Glencoe, enjoys flowers and reminds us to, “Be Glad. There’s lots to be thankful for.”

Terri Sanoski, from the Fish Trap Lake area, was lucky to spend some time in Alaska where she found this bee busy working.

Always on the lookout in the St. Cloud area, DeVonne Koppenberg spotted the Wienermobile in St. Joseph at the end of July.

A calf was born this spring to a cow with Belted Galloway lineage. Eyvonne Johnson thinks she will grow up to be a replacement heifer. No brand or tags needed with that marking.

Janell Wink shared a view of the Crow Wing County Fair from this year, in Brainerd.

Hummingbird came in for a drink at the petunias in Catherine Craddock’s Mankato garden.

Kristie Flachmeyer, of Litchfield, found a Farmall in a field of sunflowers.

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