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Snowbirds celebrate all things Minnesota

    Nearly a year ago, Jurene Gardner called the Senior Perspective looking for some cookbooks. She said she and her friends were having a “Taste of Minnesota” party in Texas. I told her I would send the books down on one condition — that she send back a picture of the get together. This month, we got some photos, along with a story. “Taste of Minnesota” was held on Feb. 1, 2012, at Siesta Retirement Village in Weslaco, Texas. “We highlighted the state of Minnesota to our residents who were from other states or from Canada,” said Gardner. “Our program was about two hours long and during that time we served food that Minnesota is known for such as wild rice soup, wild rice bread, kolaches, Spam burgers, Gedney dill pickles, blueberry muffins, lefse and sugar cookies in the shape of the State of Minnesota and also loons.” Presentations were given on Minnesota history, a Tina & Lena skit, the meaning of the Minnesota flag, a demonstration on how to make lefse, Minnesota trivia, a presentation on the Minnesota loons, a concertina performance on a concertina made in Minnesota and an explanation of sugar beets and how they are processed. “We sold 250 tickets to our program and had so many door prizes that almost everyone in attendance got a door prize,” she said. “All of the door prizes were donated by all of the Minnesota residents who helped me put all of this together. It was a huge success and we had many comments how much fun they all had.”

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